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Green Start-Up Inaugurates Its Forum & Awards Aimed to Accelerate Sustainable Innovation

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Green, an online publication owned by InternetCorp, is gearing up for its inaugural event, the Green Start-Up Sustainability Forum & Awards, scheduled to take place on June 29th, 2023, at Deschis Gastrobar, in Bucharest, Romania. The event takes the form of a one-day conference and award ceremony, and The Recursive is happy to join as a media partner.

In the context of a heightened climate crisis, with effects felt across Romania and Central and Eastern Europe, and increased regulatory and consumer pressure on corporations to improve their business practices, the event aims to promote sustainability and sustainable business development in the region.

Attendance at the event is free, and participants have the option to join in person or attend virtually through the IC Events virtual platform. You can find more information and register for the event here.

Why should you attend?

Collaboration, commitment, and engagement are the driving forces behind the Green’s team goal with this flagship event: to expedite and scale groundbreaking solutions, which can address Romania’s environmental challenges.

Participants at the Green Start-Up Sustainability Forum & Awards will have the opportunity to exchange sustainability knowledge and best practices, explore trends and opportunities, and get inspired by sustainability innovators in Romania.

The forum aims to bring together key stakeholders from the public and private sectors, including authorities with the capacity to drive the necessary changes for Romania’s green transition, in line with the EU’s targets. It also welcomes experts from the corporate and startup worlds, who will showcase their contributions.

The event will cover various topics, including:

  • The role of innovation in sustainability
  • Current and future opportunities, drawing from successful practices outside Romania
  • Clean and renewable energy: harnessing Romania’s wind, sun, and water resources
  • The concept of a 20-minute city: creating urban areas that offer all necessities for living, working, and transportation
  • Green retail and waste reduction
  • Promoting greener production processes
  • Advancing the circular economy
  • Access to capital for funding green businesses
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Further on, the awards ceremony will recognize and celebrate changemakers and sustainability innovators, as well as organizations that can share from their achievements.

Who will you get inspired by at the conference? Some of the confirmed speakers include:

  • Daniel Matei – Sustainability & ESG Manager at Raiffeisen Bank
  • Ciprian Stănescu – President & CEO of Social Innovation Solutions
  • Teodora Mărăcineanu – Head o
  • f Marketing at Electrolux Romania
  • Raluca Păun – Marketing Consultant at Pehart Grup
  • Iulia Dorobanțu – Co-founder of Charger
  • Mihai Rotaru – Founder & CEO of Neomobility
  • Adrian Țuțuianu – Founder & Partner Architect at Triptic Studio
  • Alex Burghelia – Co-founder of
  • Alexandru Laibăr – Executive Director of Circular Economy Coalition

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Antoanela is a Sustainability Communications Specialist and Deputy Editor at The Recursive media. From these roles, she is helping organizations communicate their latest sustainability goals, strategies, and technologies. She writes about climate tech, ESG, impact investment, sustainability regulation, and related topics.