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Greek-founded Kaedim Secures $15M Series A Led by A16Z for an AI-Powered 3D Creativity Revolution

Kaedim founder
Image credit: Konstantina Psoma, Kaedim Founder & CEO
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In a nutshell:

  • Greek-founded startup Kaedim, utilizing AI in turning 2D images into 3D models, closed a $15M Series A.
  • The round was led by A16Z (Andreessen Horowitz), along with Scott Gelb, Nate Mitchell, Eden Chen, Siqi Chen, and Sterling Snow.


Their background story:

Kaedim was founded in 2019 by Konstantina Psoma and Roman Bromidge, as a spin-off from Bristol University. At the time, the Gen Z founders were in their 3rd year of studying Computer Science with Innovation at the University of Bristol.

Their flagship product aims to provide a solution to streamlining 3D creativity and speeding up creative processes by automating repetitive tasks. The demand for 3D assets is accelerated across industries from AR/VR to 3D marketing and from construction to healthcare. 

According to the company’s data, Kaedim serves over 20K new creators each month, and 250 enterprise developers, including AAA game studios, film production companies, and e-commerce platforms.

Previously, the company has been backed by Chris Kingsley, CBE, Tom Blomfield, Matt Robinson, Patrick Pichette, Jane Walerud as well as Pioneer Fund.

In their own words:

“There is a long way ahead, both for the technology we are building and for realizing the future of 3D modeling pipelines that we envision. We will remain laser-focused on customers, heads down and build”, said Konstantina Psoma, founder and CEO.

“We are big believers of the metaverse and when the time comes we want the number of people that are able to only create 2D assets today (snap a photo or take a video with their cameras) to be able to be making 3D experiences with the same toolsets, without needing to be re-trained. As a result, the metaverse will be a democratized experience, with everyone contributing and with a lot of diversity and inclusion,” Psoma shared previously for The Recursive.

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