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Greek DataOps Startup Lenses gets acquired by enterprise software giant valued at $11B

Celonis acquires
Image credit: Antonios Chalkiopoulos, co-founder and CEO of
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London-based, the real-time applications and data operational portal with Greek DNA, was acquired by the German software company Celonis. With this step, the startup aims to help the Munich-based company with its data analysis capabilities. In 2019, raised a series A funding of over €6M from 83North, a UK VC, and Marathon Venture Capital, a Greek-based VC fund.

Alex Rinke, co-founder and co-CEO of Celonis, shared in the press release that the team is looking to bring innovation across the three verticals – data, intelligence, and action. 

“Businesses are collecting more and more data across devices, applications, and data pools, both in the cloud and on premise. However, they are only executing on a small fraction of the data available to them,” he said. 

Their studies show that only 1 in 10 business leaders uses data for decision-making. 

Celonis recently raised a Series D $1B investment to scale its Execution Management System and launch the Celonis Execution Graph. The company is now valued at $11B.

The CEG solution will aid companies to understand insights into their interconnected process ecosystems. It will grow stronger and unique to each business when more processes and data are added. The tool can also identify inefficiencies in operations due to problems in other parts of the company. 

“Celonis presented a strong vision for the Celonis Execution Management System and how to maximize impact to the world. We are super motivated by the Celonis team because our visions are aligned on efficiency and sustainability to have a greater impact on the world – it wasn’t a hard decision to make,” shared Antonios Chalkiopoulos, co-founder and CEO of, with The Recursive.

The story of is a pioneer in making it easy to use real-time streaming data in daily business operations. The team has created a scalable system that all companies can access. Antonios Chalkiopoulos says in the press release that consumers are expecting personalized experiences, like getting a notification when to leave the house to catch their flight. 

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The startup was co-founded in 2016 by Greek couple Antonios Chalkiopoulos and Christina Daskalaki to help businesses accelerate innovation with access to data. Previously, the founders held lead engineering positions in international companies such as Barclays, Tesco, and Marks & Spencer

In the past five years, the 100+ members of the team became contributors to the Apache Kafka and Kubernetes, open-source tools for real-time data processing, and they now have over 200 customers. is based in London, but it has operational offices in New York and Athens as well. 

They aim to make data work for companies in a matter of seconds instead of days. This will clear time for management teams to focus on business problems instead of technology, legal requirements, or knowledge gaps. The markets that can benefit from their solutions are finance, healthcare, eCommerce, maritime, and gaming. 

“Consumers expect real-time experiences, whether it’s ordering a meal or calling an Uber, and Lenses brings the latest real-time data technologies to enterprises. This data is already available – but the means by which you access it – frameworks like Apache Kafka – are not easy to use. Lenses makes real-time data easy to use and independent of hard-to-source talent,” concludes Chalkiopoulos.

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