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Gabriel Dombri, CEO of Tapptitude, on the future of mobile apps for startup founders

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Cluj-based Tapptitude, a mobile-first product building studio for funded startups, is a partner for founders that need help defining and building digital products. The studio supports entrepreneurs before launching mobile-first products like mobile apps or connected devices, to make sure their products are built on the right assumptions, are validated faster along the way and once the product-market fit is reached, they are ready to scale. 

Tapptitude was co-founded in 2013 by Lucian Cocan as Operation Manager, Laurentiu Onac as Head of Android, Alexandru Tudose as Head of iOS, and Gabriel Dombri, CEO and Product Strategist, joined them in May 2015. Their headquarters is in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, but they also have offices in London, New York, and Amsterdam. 

Now, the team represents over 80 product people that have built more than 100 iOS and Android products, prototypes, or MVPs to help startups generate value and create a growth infrastructure. As some team members are startup founders themselves, they come with the right mindset to validate product ideas and consult on market positioning. They step in as full-function product partners, but can also work with a startup’s in-house team to ensure fast iterations on the way to scaling a product. 

Some of the industries in their portfolio are recruiting, media, real estate, retail, productivity, B2B management, and FinTech. Among their customers are Tenor, a GIF keyboard app that Google acquired in 2018, and Wellory, which raised over €4M in 2020. 

The Recursive met with Gabriel Dombri, CEO of Tapptitude, to discuss the future of mobile products. He’s a serial entrepreneur. He founded Rewind Marketing, a London-based Conversion optimization agency in 2009, followed by Startcelerate in 2014, where different companies could allocate internal resources to startups, and one year later, the Growth Marketing Academy. 

“The incentive to launch Tapptitude was ‘Let’s build better mobile products’ because people deserve better mobile experiences,” Dombri shared in this interview. He talked to The Recursive about the startup’s services both for established brands, as well as startups, like strategy, UX and UI, development, testing, and product management, but also app verticals that can have the potential of innovating the digital products market. 

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