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FintechOS’ former VP of Marketing joins Underline VC as entrepreneur-in-residence

The new entrepreneur-in-residence (EIR) at Underline Ventures Ioana Serban, ex-VP - of Marketing at FintechOS
Image credit: Ioana Serban, the new entrepreneur-in-residence (EIR) at Underline Ventures
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Eastern European venture capital firm Underline Ventures is announcing a number of new hires to its investment team, including EIR Ioana Serban, and Head of Communications Adriana Spulber.

Underline has recruited entrepreneur-in-residence (EIR) Ioana Serban, ex-VP of Marketing at FintechOS, where she built from scratch the marketing team, supported global expansion, and the accelerated growth of the company from seed to series B. With over 15 years of experience in technology marketing, mostly working with and for B2B startups and scaleups, Ioana will be working closely with solo GP Bogdan Iordache to assess the marketing readiness of potential investments and help portfolio companies with their go-to-market strategies. 

Ioana states: “I am thrilled to join Underline Ventures as EIR. Underline has a hands-on approach to supporting its portfolio companies, guiding founders and their teams to create a fully-fledged marketing function when requested. Moreover, this is an incredible opportunity for me to gain a deeper understanding of my target market – B2B startup founders – as I am currently preparing to launch the TechMarketers marketplace”. She is currently building a curated marketplace that will connect B2B startups with Fractional CMOs, vetted marketing freelancers, boutique agencies, and RevOps experts, under TechMarketers.

Additionally, Adriana Spulber joins full-time Underline as its Head of Communications. She is best known for leading communications at How to Web and Code for Romania, and previously worked for Romanian fintech Pago as their marketing manager. The VC will be tapping into Adriana’s network and expertise in tech comms, as well as helping portfolio companies with their PR and messaging narratives in line with their business goals.

“We launched Underline Ventures to help the founders with Central and Eastern European DNA succeed and unleash their potential worldwide. The vast majority of VC firms are promising the coveted ‘value add’, but few of them deliver on their promise. I am here to make sure we are putting our money where our mouth is and <<underline founders>>”, said Adriana.

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Adriana Spulber, Head of Communications at Underline Ventures
Adriana Spulber, Head of Communications at Underline Ventures

Meanwhile, the venture capital firm is actively recruiting on LinkedIn for other roles. Underline is looking for an Investment Analyst to build their investment portfolio and a Talent Partner who will help the portfolio founders build (and manage) their teams. Underline Ventures has already announced 2 investments last year: one in the legal infrastructure platform Goodlegal, alongside Earlybird Digital East Fund, Credo Ventures, and UiPath’s founder Daniel Dines, and one in the people intelligence platform Nestor, alongside Eleven Ventures.

About Underline Ventures

Underline Ventures partners at the earliest stages with Eastern European founders building high-growth startups with global ambitions. It is the first solo general partner venture fund in Central and Eastern Europe, with Bogdan Iordache at the helm of the €20 million fund. Backed by 20+ founders and early-stage operators from companies such as UiPath, Green Horse Games, MultiversX (ex-Elrond), MorphL, Smartbill, CleverTaxi, and many others, along with professional investors in venture funds.


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Underline Ventures is a 20 million euro early-stage VC fund focused on Eastern Europe, managed by Bogdan Iordache.