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Finding Your Zone of Genius with Sinisa Rakovic From Hunch

Image credit: Andrey Andonov
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Our next guest is helping marketers all over the world have a scalable process for user acquisition, engagement, and storytelling through social media.

Sinisa Rakovic is the CEO and co-founder of Hunch, a marketing technology company focusing on creative intelligence. 

Sinisa is also a serial entrepreneur with several successful exits behind his back. He graduated from California State University and spent time at Stanford University. 

In his conversation with Irina, Sinisa reflects on all these experiences – his time in the US, his first venture and exit, the challenges and opportunities to build and scale Hunch from Eastern Europe – and how they have shaped his definition of success and views on building an infrastructure and support system for the long-term success of tech entrepreneurs. 

Sinisa also shares insights on how to win in the attention economy with creativity, how will creativity evolve in the age of AI, and the growth story of Hunch.

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