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Digital Nomads Are Building Their Coliving Utopia in a Remote Mountain Hamlet

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Image credit: Coliving Semkovo

Digital nomads are building their coliving utopia in a remote mountain hamlet. 

Coliving Semkovo attracts digital nomads, distributed companies, remote workers, early stage incubators that are creating a unique environment together.

Semkovo, Bulgaria. Digital nomads from all over the world are preparing  to transform a majestic 16,700m2 hotel into ‘Coliving Semkovo’, a unique adult-only coliving destination in a remote location based on community, collaboration and cooperation.

The vision is to convert a 16,700 m2+ hotel building into 200 apartments and provide a unique community experience in a very remote setting in nature with huge common coliving areas. Coliving Semkovo will bring new life to this underused destination with a combination of work and leisure: winter sports, mountain biking, hiking and many more outdoor activities in the majestic Rila mountains. The size of the property makes it a great fit for large scale events, big workation groups and bootcamp programs.

One of the most exciting aspects of the project is that it will be community-owned. The apartments will be owned individually and all owners are also part of the co-op structure that manages the coliving business and develops the destination.

When the owners are not living in their apartments, they will be able to rent their units to digital nomads, remote teams, startups, tech incubators that can benefit from being in a location that combines unspoilt nature and a like-minded community with the facilities required to be successful in the future of remote work.

The coliving space will offer plenty of amenities and facilities like work & event areas including a communal kitchen, a swimming pool, a restaurant, a  bar & cafe, cinema, private offices, art space, and more.  
We will partner with service providers to offer activities like yoga, guided mountain tours, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as well as business support services like  accounting and legal matters, insurance.

There are many unused buildings and old hotels all around Bulgaria in places that have fallen out of favor. The remote location with an old building makes the project financially viable to buy a big, otherwise unused property and turn it into one of the most exciting coliving spaces around the world. Bulgaria has a very attractive tax system with only 10% income tax that attracts many EU citizens to move their residency and businesses there. The natural beauty, rich cultural history and low cost of living makes it a great place for digital nomads and remote workers.

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Matthias Zeitler, the initiator of this project, has built Coworking Bansko as a base for digital nomads in Bulgaria and has grown Bansko into the what many consider the capital of digital nomads in Europe. He is also the founder of Bansko Nomad Fest, one of the biggest events for digital nomads worldwide, attracting 500+ nomads from all over the world. Now he is leveraging all his experiences and connections from building the Bansko ecosystem to advance community building to the next level and create Coliving Semkovo.

In just under a month, the project gained the interest of more than 125 people  that are considering buying an apartment and becoming part of the Coliving Semkovo opportunity. Many backers have already put down a deposit to move the project forward. The price of the apartments starts from only 15,000 EUR for a studio which makes this a very affordable investment and a great way to shape the future of remote work.

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