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Czech-based KAYA is Preparing to Launch a New €80M Fund

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Image credit: KAYA's Team (personal archive)

In a Nutshell


  • The Central European fund, KAYA VC is preparing to launch its fifth private investment fund, with €80M at its disposal. 
  • It is expected that most of the capital will come from institutional investors. 


Get the Details


KAYA VC invests in early-stage Czech, Slovak, and Polish tech startups. Their portfolio, consisting of over forty companies, has two unicorns, including the Czech online grocery, Rohlík,  and the Polish Docplanner, a leading global platform managing healthcare practices and scheduling. 

Their portfolio also includes other Czech companies such as Supernova, Better Stack, SensibleBio, Upheal, and more. The fund has emphasized that it does not specialize in a specific segment or category.

KAYA’s investors expect that the composition of investors for their fifth fund will be similar to that of the previous one. Most of the  financing came from institutional investors and around 75% of the capital was sourced from the private sector. 

The minimum investment required for KAYA is €1M.

KAYA VC co-invests and has built relationships with funds like the British-American Index Ventures, European Creandum, EQT, and US-European Goldman Sachs. Their advisory network includes founders like Tomáš Čupr of Rohlík, as well as Juraj Masár and Veronika Koleják of Better Stack.


In their Own Words


“We support big dreams and ambitious plans. We help create the best conditions possible for our entrepreneurs, enabling them to overcome challenges more easily. We connect them with other successful entrepreneurs for advice and back their belief that the Central European Region is a fertile ground for building global companies that can win in their respective markets,” says Tomáš Obrtáč, one of four equal partners in the fund. 

Prior to joining KAYA in 2013, Obrtáč worked in London at the investment banks Barclays Capital and Rothschild. 

“Even though the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland aren’t the largest markets, we see enormous potential and talent among local founders. Central European entrepreneurs can make a six-fold return per investment dollar compared to their American counterparts. Hence, we want to engage with every innovative organization that originates from these three countries,” adds Obrtáč.

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