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Croatian Entrio With €9M Investment from Invera Equity Partners, Marking Largest Funding in SEE Ticket Sales Industry

Berislav Marszalek (Entrio) & Denis Sabolović (Invera Equity Partners)
Image credit: Berislav Marszalek (Entrio) & Denis Sabolović (Invera Equity Partners)

In a Nutshell

  • Croatian Entrio, a ticketing platform, secured a €9M investment from Invera Equity Partners, marking their fourth investment to date. 
  • This funding is reported to be the largest investment cycle in the history of the ticket sales industry in Southeast Europe.


Get the Details

The Entrio platform was founded in 2011 by Berislav Marszalek and Matija Marijan, with the aim to provide a simpler and more modern way of selling and buying tickets. Today, Entrio operates in three markets: Croatia, Slovenia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Besides the platform, Entrio offers a network of over 80 physical partner outlets.

According to their data, Entrio has doubled its revenue for the third year in a row. In 2023, they sold more than 1M tickets with a total value of more than €16M.


In Their Own Words

The founder and CEO of the Entrio platform, Berislav Marszalek, said, “Cooperation with Invera Equity Partners will result in significant growth of the Entrio platform in all business segments, strengthening our position in existing markets and opening new foreign markets.”

“We will use the investment for the development of new products and services focused on increasing the sales results of our event organizers, as well as on the personalized offer of relevant events for ticket buyers. Our priority is to maintain and continue to develop the excellent organizational culture within the Entrio team that we have been building for the past 13 years,” he added.


Investor’s Perspective

“Invera EP will invest in Entrio through a strong recapitalization and support the company in further growth and development. The operational leadership, with full confidence, remains under the existing management: Berislav Marszalek and Sonja Trajanovski Marszalek. This is Invera EP’s fourth investment, along with Illusion Museum, Marles, and Kompare,” said Denis Sabolović, Investment Manager of Invera Equity Partners.


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