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Romanian AdTech Startup Creatopy Secures $10M to Enhance AI-Driven Creative Automation

From left to right: Gabriel Ciordas (Founder), Dan Oros (CEO), and Daniel Demian (VP of Product); press release


  • Creatopy, a pioneer in AI-based creative automation, has successfully secured $10 million in a Series A funding round.
  • The round saw participation from Vienna-based 3VC and Berlin-based Point Nine. 
  • With the new capital, the company plans to expand the customer base and integrate innovative AI functionalities in areas like copywriting, image editing, and workflows.


In the contemporary digital landscape, advertising paradigms are rapidly evolving. This evolution, shaped by technological advancements and changing consumer preferences—including an inclination towards personalized content and the complexities surrounding privacy and brand consistency—has fueled an unprecedented demand for content. 

Companies now grapple with the need to produce a multitude of personalized creatives across diverse channels, all while adhering to brand guidelines and ensuring quality. However, many businesses, constrained by resources, time, and expertise, falter in creating personalized ads at the required scale, consequently missing out on potential sales opportunities.

Here is where Creatopy steps in, empowering corporations and agencies to craft, personalize, and disseminate impactful ads seamlessly with AI-enabled creative automation. Essentially, Creatopy helps designers and marketers simplify the ad creation and delivery process, allowing teams to optimize campaigns for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Key features of the platform include designing top-tier ads, facilitating customization for maximum impact, and optimizing ad distribution on digital platforms.

“We’re closing the creative gap by helping brands and agencies create, customize, and scale their ads and visual content production,” Dan Oros, the CEO of Creatopy, emphasizes.

The company was established in Oradea, Romania, in 2021, by seasoned entrepreneur, Gabriel Ciordas. IT was previously called Bannersnack. Dan Oros joined the team as CEO earlier this year, after previously leading the Google team in Romania as its Head of Marketing, firmly convinced that they will emerge as a new Romanian unicorn in the next three to five years.

The platform is currently leveraged by over 5,000 global brands and agencies, more than half in the US, including Salesforce, Autodesk, Zeiss, and Yellow Pages. The company has an office in San Francisco and plans to extend its presence in the Netherlands and Japan.

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Extending AI functionalities

The global expenditure on creative advertising tools and services exceeds $140 billion annually. Predictions suggest an even brisker growth rate than historically recorded. Notably, 74% of CMOs opine that creative teams are overly occupied with menial tasks that can be automated, such as asset adaptation. Additionally, according to data sourced from Google’s Open Creative Project, the automation of marketing endeavors is increasingly recognized as pivotal to businesses.

In this context, Creatopy plans to integrate AI functionalities in areas like copywriting, image editing, and workflows.

“AI comes to enhance our solution, making the creative workflow simpler and faster, and increasing users’ capabilities to manage their creatives across all formats, channels, and markets,” Dan Oros adds.

Eva Arh, Managing Partner at 3VC, shared her enthusiasm about the love designers and marketers have shown for Creatopy, including the hours they save every week and the ability to meet the needs of the organisation or a client with given resources.

Echoing her sentiments, Christoph Janz, Managing Partner at Point Nine, remarked: “The Creatopy team has built an extremely impressive design automation and collaboration platform that meets the needs of designers and marketers in large brands and agencies alike. I’m thrilled to work with Dan on their mission to build a large, category-defining company that uses the power of AI to revolutionize the creative process at scale.”


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