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Coliving Semkovo Project Reaches a Significant Milestone in Apartment Sales

Coliving Semkovo Project Reaches a Significant Milestone in Apartment Sales,

SEMKOVO, July 13, 2023 — The trailblazing project, Coliving Semkovo, is thrilled to announce that they have surpassed the midway point in apartment sales within mere days of their launch. This unique project, aimed at transforming the future of remote work and cultivating a close-knit digital nomad community, is witnessing an overwhelming demand, leaving only 40 out of the initial 101 units available for purchase. Investors come from over 21 different countries and a wide range of backgrounds – all united by the desire to create something special.

Coliving Semkovo is pioneering a fresh approach to shared living and remote working spaces. It amplifies the innovative principles that have been honed in Bansko, a flourishing digital nomad community, over the past seven years, redefining the concept of location independence.

Highlights of the Coliving Semkovo project include:

Expansive Coliving Areas: With approximately 8,000m2 of shared spaces and 200 apartments within the vast 17,000m2 complex, a multitude of amenities that puts us  among the global leaders in coliving spaces when we open.

Community Ownership: Apartment owners automatically become cooperative members that own and manage the coliving business together, reaping financial benefits and enhancing community interaction.

Property Ownership: Investors don’t just own a business share; they own an apartment, allowing the flexibility to sell, rent, use, or refinance their property as desired.

Affordable Investment: With studio prices starting at a modest €17,000, most digital nomads can afford this unique opportunity, potentially providing a tax base, value appreciation, and rental income.

Prime Location: The idyllic Semkovo resort, nestled within nature, offers a fantastic backdrop for our Nomad Utopia. Plans are underway to enhance local infrastructure, including expanding the local ski area.

Media Coverage: Our project has garnered substantial media attention, extending its outreach and streamlining future promotional efforts. A professional film crew is even capturing our journey through a documentary for cinematic release.

To be part of this groundbreaking venture, interested investors can reserve their unit online at, where they will find comprehensive information including virtual apartment tours, contract samples, available units, and pricing.

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Investors can also engage with their future neighbours on Facebook and experience the diverse cohort of like-minded individuals that have already committed to this project. Detailed video tours of the different unit types are available on the reservation page. We urge prospective buyers to act promptly as we expect to finalize all sales this week. An on-site tour and online AMA will be held this Sunday to answer any lingering queries. Signup via

Join the journey to reshape the future of the digital nomad community with Coliving Semkovo.

About Coliving Semkovo:

Coliving Semkovo is a unique shared living initiative situated in Bulgaria. It aims to convert an expansive, unused structure into a thriving coliving community nestled within a serene, natural setting. The project promotes a spirit of collaboration and mutual respect, serving as a platform for residents to explore their interests, contribute to the community, and forge lasting connections. Coliving Semkovo was conceived by Matthias Zeitler, a leading figure in the global digital nomad community, who has dedicated seven years to constructing a successful digital nomad community in Bansko through Coworking Bansko and Bansko Nomad Fest. Now, Matthias is excited to bring his vision to life with Coliving Semkovo.

For more information, please visit

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