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Care about sustainability? You’ll love these podcasts

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Podcast listenership is on the rise for some time already – and for good reason. Podcasts are engaging, can be listened to on a variety of platforms and in different moments of the day. They have become one of the preferred ways for people to learn about new topics, develop according to some personal goals, or gain a competitive edge in their career trajectories. 

Sustainability podcasts follow the same logic – there is one to assist you on each and every goal. On top of that, they are a great way to build a common understanding of the concept. With that in mind, The Recursive put together a list of key sustainability podcasts from the SEE and elsewhere around the world that will broaden your knowledge about the topic and help you apply the philosophy behind it across different areas of your life.

Podcasts on sustainability for business and the economy

Sustainability Explored – A podcast that explores sustainability and innovations in business and the economy, from circular economy concepts to corporate social responsibility, leadership, and impact investment. Ukraine-born host, Anna Chashchyna, is an ESG consultant, well-versed in how sustainability applies to various industries. Every week she interviews professionals who are implementing innovative sustainability solutions in their areas of work. 

Climate One – Coming from California’s largest public affairs forum, The Commonwealth Club, Climate One aims to create a space for leadership dialogues on the future of energy, the economy, and the environment. Greg Dalton’s guest speakers range from climate scientists to policymakers, activists, and business leaders.

The Sustainability Agenda – Journalist Fergal Bryne converses with experts such as NGO leaders, academics, and climate scientists about the biggest sustainability questions we are facing. The Sustainability Agenda includes thought-provoking interviews on topics such as minimalism, the rise against neoliberalism, alleviating poverty, and environmental justice.

Getting in the Loop – Ever thought that the circular economy can be actually fun to discuss? In this podcast, Katherine Whalen, Researcher in Sustainable Business at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, aims to peel the onion around the concept of circular economy in an accessible, understandable way.

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Podcasts on living a sustainable lifestyle

The Sustainable Living podcast – This podcast is an initiative of Nicoleta Talpes, Founder at Caravana Guerilla Verde in Romania. It is a place of dialogue with experts, scientists, journalists, and academics on innovations and best practices that can improve our social and environmental footprints as citizens.

ValVegan – Dedicated to people who are interested in a vegan lifestyle, ValVegan addresses many different aspects of the topic. So far, episodes featured discussions about tradition and culture, documentaries, vegan initiatives across Romania, as well as local access to products and restaurants. The podcast is only available in Romanian for the time being.

Green Dreamer – Across more than 300 episodes, this podcast featuring activist Kamea Chayne has been exploring stories of environmental regeneration, social resilience, and economic restoration. Together with her guests, Kamea sheds light on emerging solutions to prevailing issues in our society that can make way to create abundance and wellness “for all”.

Podcasts combining different sustainability topics

Gorichka – The recently launched podcast of Bulgarian NGO Gorichka aims to offer a space for talks and debates on how to reach a sustainable future together. Over time, Gorichka has dealt with topics such as climate change, circular economy, and urban gardening. The first two episodes focus on forest protection and the future of agriculture. For the time being, the podcast is available only in Bulgarian.

Sustainability Defined – This is another entertaining and educational podcast on the topic of sustainability. US-based hosts Scott Breen and Jay Siegel try to define sustainability for their listeners, one episode at a time – and, sometimes, one joke at a time, too. They are often joined by experienced professionals who help them uncover important layers of what sustainability means for different economic sectors and our personal lives.

Think: Sustainability – The key recurring theme in Julia Carr-Catzel’s podcast is the practical application of sustainability thinking. The show reveals the impact of consumption in different areas of life – and highlights the ideas, innovations, and technologies that can serve us in creating a more sustainable future.

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Green Living Chats – This podcast is the brainchild of Eco Amet Solutions Ghana, an environmental service providing company in Ghana. It serves as a platform for discussing the most pressing environmental challenges at both local and global levels, as well as creating visibility around environmental-related projects.

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Antoanela is a Sustainability Communications Specialist and Deputy Editor at The Recursive media. From these roles, she is helping organizations communicate their latest sustainability goals, strategies, and technologies. She writes about climate tech, ESG, impact investment, sustainability regulation, and related topics.