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Calling the AI Community in CEE: Participate in The Recursive’s Survey Mapping the AI Landscape

Calling the AI Community in CEE: Participate in The Recursive’s Survey Mapping the AI Landscape,

In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) continues to reshape industries and societies, Central and Eastern Europe stands poised at the forefront of innovation. 

Building upon the foundation laid in 2023, The Recursive is excited to begin the data collection for the CEE AI 2024 Report, titled “The New Edge: AI Revolution in Central and Eastern Europe.” 

As the digital transformation accelerates, the CEE region has emerged as a vibrant hub for AI development. Therefore, our CEE AI 2024 Report, which will be launched in October 2024, will serve as a comprehensive guide of the advancements made since 2023 and charting the trajectory for the future. 

If you’re part of the AI community in CEE, your invaluable insights can shape the future of innovation in our region. Invest just 10 minutes of your time in our survey, and together, we can paint the picture of the AI innovation landscape.

Here’s what the report aims to achieve:

The Evolution of AI-based Innovations

The report will outline the changes and developments in the state of AI innovation since 2023. From advancements in machine learning algorithms to breakthroughs in natural language processing, expect a detailed analysis of how the landscape has evolved.

The Development of AI Companies

By observing the evolution in the number of companies, areas of focus, and industries with the most significant concentration of AI innovation, valuable insights into the emerging trends and hotspots within the CEE AI ecosystem will be provided.

Dynamics in the AI Talent Pool

As talent remains a critical factor in driving AI innovation, the report will track the dynamics in the AI talent pool within the CEE region. From skills in demand to talent migration patterns, you will gain insights into the factors shaping the talent landscape.

Spotlight on AI Unicorns and Fastest-Growing Startups

One of the highlights of this document will be the showcase of AI unicorns and the fastest-growing startups in the region. Through in-depth analysis and success stories, we aim to offer valuable insights into the factors driving their growth and success.

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The Growth Potential in Healthcare and Life Sciences

In a dedicated new section for 2024, we want to shine a light on the growth potential of AI innovation in healthcare and life sciences. From personalized medicine to drug discovery, the report will present how AI is revolutionizing the healthcare landscape in CEE.

Trends in Funding and Investor Perceptions

We will also explore the trends in funding for AI innovation and investors’ perceptions of areas with growth potential. From venture capital to corporate investments, the audience will gain a comprehensive understanding of the investment landscape in CEE’s AI sector.

All these won’t be possible without your insights, AI connoisseurs from CEE! Help us understand the current state of AI in Central and Eastern Europe by taking part in our survey for The Recursive 2024 CEE AI Report.

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