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Business leaders and experts will gather at the Bulgarian Seaside to discuss digital transformation and building a customer-centric company

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Summer is in full swing and most of us are already enjoying the sunny weather and sea breeze. But if you want to combine your vacation with business growth opportunities and practical advice on building a 360-degree view of your customer, then stop by Next Consult’s exclusive business cocktail on August 11 from 16:30 at the HashtagPAVILION bar. The event is part of the official opening of the “Cor Caroli” regatta. Make sure to not miss it, and reserve your spot here.

The event will gather business leaders from Bulgaria, and abroad. Its main focus will be digital and business transformation, creating individual personalized customer journeys with speed and relevance, and the importance of becoming a customer-centric company.

Digital & business transformation

In the past few years, we see the world transitioning to a digital environment. This brings a need to businesses to adapt to the changing reality and learn more about what their customers want. To stay on top of these changes, companies understand they need to implement different technologies, which will help them address this newly shaped environment. Technology should be implemented to help all departments from marketing and sales, all the way through to their service and delivery.

However, the road of going digital is not always the smoothest, and can’t always be delivered in a split second. During the event you’ll be able to meet companies at different stages of transforming their business, and how that helps them improve all processes.

Customer-centric companies

Another important part of the business cocktail will be dedicated to building a customer-centric organization. Our guests will share insights on how to improve customer service, communication, and satisfaction by providing a personalized customer experience. During the event, you can learn how Salesforce allows you to get more insights on every client, and how to analyze it to understand a customer’s needs.

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Other important aspects that participants will touch on are best practices in business management, the power of live data analytics and management reporting, customer relationship management, customer service, and many more.

The “Cor Caroli” Regatta

Attendees of the business event will have the opportunity to take part in the official opening ceremony of this year’s “Cor Caroli” regatta. The competition will start on August 11 at 19:30 at the Marine Station Burgas – only a few meters away from the location of “Sailing and Selling with Salesforce, Seaside edition”. It gathers more than 500 sailing professionals and enthusiasts, and business and media representatives.

For this year’s edition of the regatta, the route is Bourgas – St. Vlas – Balchik – Varna. Between 40 and 50 keelboats, divided into 7 classes, will take part in the competition. A special social program will create a good atmosphere for participants and guests, a networking environment for sponsors, partners, businesses, and organizers, as well as make sailing accessible to a broader audience.

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