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Bunnyshell Announces €4M Late Seed Round to Reach Fortune 100 Companies

Bunnyshell CEO Alin Dobra
Image credit: Alin Dobra, Bunnyshell CEO, press release

•    Bunnyshell, a Romanian Enterprise SaaS startup specializing in DevOps automation and cloud management, is raising a €4 million late seed round.

•    It has already secured €3.5 million from Early Game Ventures (lead investor), Roca X, Marius Istrate, and Ana Cinca, while private investors can join via SeedBlink, with investment tickets starting from 2,500 euros. 

•    The Bunnyshell late seed round follows last year’s funding of €3.5 million, which was instrumental in scaling Bunnyshell’s solution in the US market, expanding its sales and marketing teams, and solidifying its position as a leading Environment-as-a-Service (EaaS) tech startup. 


To date, the company has secured more than €8 million in funding. With the latest capital infusion, Bunnyshell aims to strengthen its market position, extend its reach to Fortune 100 companies, and fuel growth towards the Series A stage.

“Investing in Bunnyshell was an easy decision for Early Game Ventures. We have immense trust in the team’s ability to deliver, the product’s potential to change software development, and the big market opportunity that lies ahead. Bunnyshell has all the ingredients to become the industry standard for environment automation,” says Dan Calugareanu, Managing Partner at Early Game Ventures.

Behind the product and market response

In the past few years, cloud infrastructure and DevOps deployment have been driven by increasing demand for digitalisation. Yet the processes behind bring a high degree of complexity. This has been observed particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, when companies struggled to meet their customers’ needs for digital experiences.

Bunnyshell is on a mission to simplify software production for development teams, empowering them to focus on business goals instead of redundant tasks. 

Its cloud-agnostic EaaS platform enables developers to create and manage production-like environments, eliminating inefficiencies in the software development cycle. The solution offers a cloud or repository base to build static websites and complex infrastructures to digitize traditional markets such as e-commerce or education. To increase scalability, they offer 24/7 support, monitoring, and self-healing servers.

“Development still happens on a laptop, configured by hand, and in most cases, the environment is different from production. We want to solve “it works on my machine” once and for all by providing production-like environments to developers,” co-founder Roxana Ciobanu told The Recursive in a previous interview.

In the past 6 years, Bunnyshell has signed over 70 B2B clients, including companies with more than 500 developers from Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia.

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With the new funding, the company is well-equipped to position as a leader in the DevOps automation space, benefiting both development teams and the broader tech ecosystem.


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