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Bunnyshell, a Romanian cloud infrastructure startup, gets €1.1M funding

Alin Dobra CEO Bunnyshell
Image credit:; Alin Dobra, CEO and Co-founder of Bunnyshell
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Romania-based Bunnyshell, which provides a DevOps automation platform for SMEs has raised €1.1M in new funding round led by Early Game Ventures. This news comes after the company previously attracted €750,000 funding from Early Games Ventures in a 2019 seed round.

Bunnyshell is a cloud infrastructure company that provides “DevOps-as-a-service” to increase performance in terms of agility and speed of using cloud infrastructure. The company’s automation platform promises to speed up product development, maximize uptime, and reduce application costs. All with minimum effort and no headaches.

Its customers vary from e-commerce businesses such as Gomag for fast and easy shopping to education organisations such as Kinderpedia, where it enables availability and agility of communication.

Fast and simple cloud management

In recent years, cloud infrastructure and DevOps deployment have been driven by increasing demand for digitalisation and improved digital experiences. However, the processes behind can involve high complexity. This has been particularly the case with the COVID-19 pandemic, as companies lacking digital resources had great difficulty meeting the needs of their customers.

“The demand for skilled people in systems management (DevOps) exploded during the pandemic when all companies had to accelerate their digitization and build their cloud infrastructure. Bunnyshell technology democratizes access to the cloud and makes installing and managing servers easy for anyone. We have been, are, and will be supporting the Bunnyshell team in the next rounds of funding,” said Dan Calugareanu, Early Game Ventures Partner, motivating their decision to reinvest in the company.

With the COVID-19 pandemic shutting out businesses that failed to digitalize, Bunnyshell has also stepped in to reduce the pressure of local business through free cloud migration and discounts for the platform’s services.

As for the company’s plans with the new round of funding, the founder and CEO, Alin Dobra, sheds some light. The investment will be used to fuel the Bunnyshell’s expansion to foreign markets, as well as develop its global network of partners.

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