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Bulgarian-founded AI Platform Mentessa Secures EU Grant For The Development of Its Intelligent Skills Agent

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Image credit: The co-founders of Mentessa
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Only have 1 minute? Here are 3 key takeaways: 

  • Mentessa, a Bulgarian-founded startup specializing in skill-based organizations, has secured funding and support from EIT Digital, a grant co-funded by the European Union.
  • Used by over 5K individuals across different organizations, Mentessa focuses on connecting people for mentorship, career advancement, and experience sharing.
  • The funding is aimed at an innovative project in partnership with Raiffeisen-Landesbank Steiermark.


Bulgarian-founded Mentessa, a startup in skill-based organizations, announced that it has secured funding and support from EIT Digital, a grant co-funded by the European Union, for an innovative project in collaboration with Raiffeisen-Landesbank Steiermark. The funding is of an undisclosed amount. 

Mentessa is a skills discovery platform, that enables knowledge sharing, learning, and collaboration in hybrid organizations. The startup, based in Munich, was established in 2019 by Andrey Andreev and Tina Ruseva, both with tech entrepreneurial backgrounds. According to their data, Mentessa is used by more than 5,000 people in different organizations to find a mentor, advance their career, or share their experiences. They were previously backed by the Bulgarian VC fund Eleven Ventures.

The partnership with EIT Digital is a strategic move for Mentessa. Their aim is to continue working to create solutions for the future of work. The grant will provide Mentessa with the financial support and resources to accelerate the development of its technology in collaboration with Raiffeisen-Landesbank Steiermark, both focusing on leveraging AI for skill enhancement and workforce upskilling across Europe.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to work closely with Raiffeisen-Landesbank Steiermark and the EIT Digital ecosystem. The project will not only foster technological innovation but also contribute to a more inclusive workplace. We are thrilled to make a lasting impact on how we work together,” adds Tina Ruseva, co-founder and CEO of Mentessa. As key goals for 2024, she points out they aim to achieve market leadership in the DACH region, grow their team, and furthermore, close an investment round to support their international expansion.

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