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Bulgarian BlackPeak Capital Fuels Bianor Holding’s Expansion with a €6.8M Investment

BlackPeak Capital Partners
Image credit: BlackPeak Capital Partners

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Bianor,co-founded by Kosta Jordanov in 1998, is a holding company that is involved in the development of web-based solutions, products, and mobile applications.

One of Bianor’s most successful projects was the launch of the premium digital streaming platform FITE (a Bianor spin-off). In 2021, it was sold to Triller, an US group of social media, advertising, and video streaming companies.

The investment is part of the company’s capital increase, which attracted 199 investors, including several institutional ones. The total number of subscribed shares is resulting in a capital raise of over €10M. This is the second investment secured by Bianor in the last 12 months. 

BlackPeak Capital’s investment ranks the fund among the top shareholders in Bianor. Rossen Ivanov, Managing Partner of BlackPeak Capital, will join the BoD of Bianor Holding.


Investor’s perspective:

“We are very pleased to have the opportunity to support Kosta and the entire Bianor team in their ambitious expansion plans. Bianor is a company with a proven track record of growth through acquisitions, and we believe that recent trends in the IT industry will give advantages to larger companies that have the resources to compete on a global level based on higher added value,’ said Rosen Ivanov, Managing Partner at BlackPeak Capital. This is the first time we are investing in a listed company, and we hope that our investment will contribute not only to the development of the business but also to the Bulgarian capital market as a whole,” shared Rossen Ivanov.

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