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Bucharest to Host DefCamp 2023: A Key Gathering for Cybersecurity Professionals Amid Rising Threats

Bucharest to Host DefCamp 2023: A Key Gathering for Cybersecurity Professionals Amid Rising Threats,
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In the wake of a staggering 79% increase in publicly reported ransomware attacks, DefCamp, the premier cybersecurity and hacking conference in Central and Eastern Europe, returns for its 13th edition. On the 23rd and 24th of November, Hala Laminor in Bucharest will transform into a hub for cybersecurity professionals, industry leaders, and ethical hackers to tackle the most pressing infosec challenges of our time.

The rise of cyber threats, coupled with economic uncertainties and geopolitical challenges, underscores the need for such an assembly. DefCamp 2023 aims to emerge not only as a venue for critical discourse on novel cyberattacks and defense mechanisms but also as a community-building endeavor, vital for fostering resilience in an era where digital security is critical for individuals, organizations, and nation-states alike.

A Closer Look at the Escalating Cyber Threat Landscape

The statistics are daunting—ransomware now accounts for a significant portion of the cyber attacks, affecting one in four companies in 2020. Fast forward to 2023, and the frequency of these attacks continues to climb, outpacing the development of protective measures. The historical data following the 2008-2009 recession, which saw a 40% spike in cyberattacks, adds another layer of concern amid current economic headwinds.

DefCamp 2023: Strengthening the Cybersecurity Frontline

This year’s DefCamp is not only a conference but a statement of unity against the backdrop of growing cyber threats. The event will provide a collaborative space for over 2,000 expected attendees to dissect issues like cryptographic authentication, cloud vulnerabilities, and the impact of automation in defense strategies.

“Ongoing economic and geopolitical events are changing the world at a rapid pace, and the challenges to cybersecurity are unpredictable. That’s why our infosec expert community needs a framework to discuss ideas, get informed, and interact with people sharing the same interests, generating new connections and exchanges of ideas that will benefit the development of this field,” said Andrei Avadanei, founder of DefCamp.

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Andrei Avadanei
Andrei Avadanei, Founder of DefCamp

Well-known Speakers and Ethical Hacking Competitions

DefCamp’s speakers’ roster is a who’s who in cybersecurity, featuring prominent and emerging voices. Attendees can expect enlightening sessions with Chris Kubecka, Tudor Damian, and Abdullah Joseph, among others, delving into cyber warfare, legislative changes, and cutting-edge password protocols. The event also beckons the participation of researchers and practitioners to contribute their latest findings, bolstering the conference’s reputation as a hub of innovation. The list of topics that our speakers will address encompasses a range of critical subjects, such as AI-based cyberattacks, security clauses in commercial IT contracts, bugs and cyberthreats in telecom, security challenges in cloud-based infrastructures, or software supply chain attacks.

DefCamp 2023 also features the Hacking Village, a crucible of ethical hacking activities and competitions. The spotlight competition, DefCamp Capture the Flag (D-CTF), has a mixed-format finale that promises to be a true test of skill and intellect for participants. It’s a challenge with a higher level of complexity that allows participants to experience some of the day-to-day work of cybersecurity teams and explore both the offensive and defensive roles in such a team. Over 600 teams competed in the qualification phase and the top 14 are expected in Bucharest on the days of the conference for the finals. 

What is more, DefCamp is once again raising the bar in its pursuit of fostering innovation and knowledge exchange in the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity. This year’s event promises to be an absolute treat for security enthusiasts and ethical hackers, as it boasts a staggering lineup of 13 additional hacking activities and competitions alongside its flagship event, D-CTF. The challenges cover a wide spectrum of security domains, offering participants an opportunity to showcase their expertise in secure coding, DevOps, forensics, reverse engineering, hardware hacking, and much more.

A Decade-Long Legacy of Cybersecurity Excellence

Since its launch in 2011, DefCamp has played a pivotal role in uniting nearly 11,000 participants from 55 countries across the globe. The conference has steadily cultivated a vibrant ecosystem conducive to knowledge exchange and collaboration among cybersecurity experts, executives, and budding talent.

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For those seeking to keep abreast of cybersecurity trends, defend against an ever-evolving threat landscape, or simply network with industry peers, DefCamp 2023 in Bucharest is where the region’s cyber defense strategies for the coming years will be forged.

To participate, learn more, and secure your place at this landmark event, visit the official DefCamp 2023 website and get your ticket.


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DefCamp is a leading cybersecurity event in Central and Eastern Europe, having attracted 11,000 participants from 55 countries across the globe since its launch in 2011.