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#BreakingGrounds: Catalyzing Innovation and Global Recognition

#BreakingGrounds delegation
Image credit: #BreakingGrounds delegation

Can Bulgaria be the next innovation hub in Southeast Europe? A step closer makes the #BreakingGrounds initiative, led by Storytelling Studio by The Recursive. Representing a pioneering effort to showcase Bulgaria’s tech ecosystem, it aims to position Bulgaria in the global knowledge economy. These efforts focus on generating both economic and social value, showcasing Bulgaria’s role as a dynamic hub for deep tech innovation.

Empowering Bulgaria’s Innovation Journey

How does it work? Through implementing various activities, including public relations, optimized digital presence, social media campaign, roadshow events and participation at leading international tech conferences, it provides entrepreneurs, innovation leaders and researchers with the international visibility they deserve. Moreover, this strategy seeks to bolster the entrepreneurial ecosystem by attracting top talent and investments

The #BreakingGrounds initiative targets stakeholders like venture capitalists, corporate leaders, knowledge workers, and diaspora communities leading integration within the CEE region. 

As one of the highlights of the initiative, the participants would meet at leading tech conferences for networking, spotlighting the tech ecosystem, and forming strategic partnerships. The chosen conferences for 2024 include e.g. Summit in London, Viva Tech in Paris, Bits & Pretzels in Munich, Web Summit in Lisbon, Slush in Helsinki, and others. Gain your access here!

#BreakingGrounds: Catalyzing Innovation and Global Recognition,

Part of #BreakingGrounds delegation(left to right): Teodor Antonio Georgiev, Co-Founder & Head of Storytelling Studio, Milena Stoycheva, Bulgarian Minister of Innovation and Growth, Boyko Takov, Executive Director at BSMEPA, Viktor Bilyanski, Co-Founder at Scalefocus

Elevating Bulgaria: A Hub for Deep Tech Innovation and Global Competitiveness

Throughout the past year, #BreakingGrounds unified diverse ecosystem stakeholders, including entrepreneurs, tech providers, VCs, and organizations like BVCA, Endeavor, BESCO, FMFIB, the Ministry for Innovation and Growth, BSMEPA and Invest Sofia. 

“We assembled a delegation of ecosystem leaders, created a comprehensive visual identity, launched a social media campaign, organized side events, and secured speaking roles at Web Summit, Slush, and DLD Conference,” shared Teodor Antonio Georgiev, Co-Founder & Head of Storytelling Studio. As the leading force behind #BreakingGrounds, he aims to facilitate the development of the initiative with a 5-year execution plan. 

“In 2025, we want to include conferences on other geographies such as the US (SXSW, SEC), Asia and even Davos. Each event is carefully chosen to increase brand awareness and engagement with the global tech community,” he explained. 

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Participants have the option to select from five different packages tailored to their specific needs. It’s important to note, as emphasized by the organizers, that companies are encouraged to proactively apply, as early as possible, to ensure smooth coordination and execution.

Iskren Krusteff, Co-Founder & CEO of Integrator JSC shared that “through the well-established partnerships between the Bulgarian SME Agency, the media outlet for innovation in Bulgaria, The Recursive, and an excellent selection of participants, #BreakingGrounds enhances trust in Bulgarian business on the international stage.”

#BreakingGrounds: Catalyzing Innovation and Global Recognition,

Iskren Krusteff and Boyko Takov

“For Integrator JSC, #BreakingGrounds is a symbol of good collaboration among Bulgarian institutions, businesses, the academic community, investment partners, who together demonstrate the benefits of high work ethics, quality and scalable products, and services but moreover unity that we have not witnessed before,” he added.

Boyko Takov, Executive Director at Bulgarian SME Promotion Agency enhanced further #BreakingGrounds’ role in helping Bulgarian companies expand internationally, finding new partners and clients.

“Our role in the initiative is primarily as financial backers, but we aim at supporting companies on a broader scale,” Takov explains. “We focus on providing opportunities, and from thereon, the companies should be proactive in developing their own businesses and contacts.”

This year, #BreakingGrounds has planned a total of 11 conferences, kicking off with in London, where Irina Obushtarova and Teodor Antonio Georgiev will be sharing their expertise on stage. As May unfolds, the next destination is Viva Tech in Paris.

Take part in the #BreakingGrounds and continue the story!

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