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Beste launches an all-in-one digital platform, empowering property & facility management companies to easily optimize the way they operate.

Beste founding team - Konstantin Ivanov and Alexander Parashkevov

Based in Sofia, Beste is announcing the launch of its one-of-a-kind property management platform. In the first month of operating, the platform managed to attract several dozen buildings that are now using its services. During this first month, Beste has secured a partnership with the largest company in Bulgaria for remote metering of utilities such as water, heating, etc. 

The company is also into negotiations with companies involved in the management and maintenance of buildings, with tens of thousands of subscribers across the country.

The platform is primarily aimed at people who are managing and maintaining buildings because they will be the ones who will add buildings to the platform, add subscribers and manage finances in each of the buildings. Beste aims to solve some of the most pressing problems in property and facility management and in particular the following:

  • Absence of digital services
  • Poor communication
  • Lack of transparency
  • Difficulties in signaling for problems


The solution to these problems that Beste provides is to get together building managers, households, and maintenance companies in one place while providing them the following features:

  • Fully digital communication through discussions and online voting
  • Ability to create tasks and assign them directly to the respective maintenance company, as well as set priorities and update the progress of each task.
  • Access to all reports and finances of the building by all residents
  • Possibility to activate the acceptance of payments through online providers such as Stripe and ePay by building managers

Illustrative picture of a building

Unlike all building management systems existing to this moment, which only offer benefits to the building managers and are also more like a web version of accounting software, Beste is designed to make life easier for everyone involved in the building – managers, maintenance, and residents. That is why the platform arouses great interest from its very release among the residents, without them being direct customers.

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“No more countless paper sheets, no more unorganized and cluttered chat groups on various social networks, and no more getting the wires crossed – it’s time for digitalization!”

beste aims to remove unnecessary paperwork in property management

Both founders have solid experience in the IT field, as Konstantin Ivanov has over 12 years of experience as a software engineer, and Alexander Parashkevov has been working in design for over 15 years. They believe that the digitalization of property management using the latest technologies is the missing part in this sector. These beliefs attracted the newest member of the team, who is also the youngest, namely Ivan Vanelov, who has 6 years of experience in software development and a passion for new technologies.

A picture of the founders of Beste app

In terms of business model, Beste earns money through a monthly subscription to people/company who create buildings in the system. They pay for each subscriber they add to the building.

Beste’s main markets are unrestricted, as in-depth studies have shown the lack of a similar system and the huge need for such a system in all major cities in Europe, where mainly residential buildings are concentrated. Since a user can own or rent a property in X number of buildings, Beste earns money per user from each administrator of the respective building. That is why the size of the potential market is 30M + properties.

The goals for the next upcoming twelve months are the adaptation of the platform to the existing customer’s needs, attracting new partners with a network of a wide range of customers, and positioning the Beste brand on the market.

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