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Ariadne Completes a $7M Series A to Bring Unique Data for Real Estate Operators

The Ariadne team
Image credit: The Ariadne team
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•   Greek analytics platform Ariadne raised a $7M Series A round led by existing investor Marathon Venture Capital.

•   With the new funding, the company hopes to establish itself as a technology leader in the industry and serve growing demand.

•   The investment follows the company’s €2M seed round in 2021, which helped the company expand the team, accelerate product development, and boost marketing and sales.


Fortunes are made and lost in commercial real estate, one of the largest asset classes, yet the sector still lacks a modern operating system. Operators navigate uncharted waters, devoid of basic tools that can help optimize the use of assets. Meanwhile, existing solutions, including cumbersome camera systems, fall short in accuracy, affordability, and compliance. 

Ariadne’s solution, born out of a research collaboration between Greek founders CEO Georgios Pipelidis and CTO Nikos Tsiamitros, equips real estate operators across industries to address their most critical challenges, such as efficient employee utilization, auditable asset evaluation and hyper-targeted visitor communication, and thus optimize customer journeys and conversion rates.

“Co-founders Georgios Pipelidis, Nikos Tsiamitros and team have brought a revolutionary offering to a massive market. We keep being amazed by its reception and inspired by the team’s relentless drive. In a rare decision for us, we are thrilled to lead a consecutive round and help Ariadne accelerate further,” investors at Marathon Venture Capital say.

How Ariadne’s pioneering technology works

In a nutshell, the platform accurately captures anonymous signals from smartphones and delivers traffic analytics via a modern interface. Users can tap into unique data such as the number of unique visitors per day, the trajectory of unique visitors, heatmaps and flows, queue minimization and employee scheduling, navigation and micro-targeting. The technology is plug-and-play, fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA and similar regulations by design, and requires no app, network connection or cameras.

Since launching, the company reports having attracted customers all over the world, including a prominent Swedish furniture retailer, a top real estate asset manager in Germany, the most awarded airport in Asia, and a similarly renowned one in the US. Results included double-digit improvements in sales, cost savings and net promoter scores.

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