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Apeiron Ventures Launches €25M Seed Investment Fund to Propel Gen Z Economy and B2B Software Innovation

Dimitris Kalavros-Gousiou and Nikos Antoniou, Apeiron Ventures
Image credit: Dimitris Kalavros-Gousiou and Nikos Antoniou, Apeiron Ventures

In a nutshell

  • Apeiron Ventures announced the launch of its new seed investment fund with a first close at €25M.
  • The fund is founded and managed by Dimitris Kalavros-Gousiou, who also founded Velocity.Partners and Found.ation.
  • The early seed VC is focused on nurturing the Gen Z economy and B2B software across Greece, the Greek Diaspora, and Europe.


Get the details

Apeiron Ventures, founded by Dimitris Kalavros-Gousiou and Nikos Antoniou is a seed-stage investment fund focusing on the Gen Z economy and B2B enterprise software. The fund targets innovative startups within Greece, the Greek Diaspora, across Europe, and beyond. 

Apeiron Ventures is supported by the Hellenic Development Bank of Investments and a consortium of more than 40 investors. The firm’s investor base comprises entrepreneurs from the Greek ecosystem such as maritime, tourism, logistics, and FMCG. The group includes family offices, institutional investors such as Eurobank, and corporate investors such as IQbility (CVC arm of Quest Group). Moreover, a number of founders, who have received backing from Kalavros and Antoniou in the past, participate in the new fund.

The new fund will prioritize innovative solutions targeting two main areas, enterprise transformation and the Gen Z Economy. The firm will be looking to invest in a portfolio of 20-25 ventures in the next 4 years.  The initial investment tickets will range from €300K to €1M.

The first investments of Apeiron are expected to be announced within the third quarter of the year. The fund’s second closing, targeting €35M in 2025, aims to further expand its capacity to support emerging ventures.


In their own words

“Apeiron has a two-fold focus. On the one hand, we are looking into teams and ventures accelerating enterprise transformation, an area that has already produced a handful of successful startups and talent from our region. On the other hand, we are looking into the forward-looking Gen Z economy. We believe Gen Z-first ventures, focusing on themes such as financial inclusion, the future of work, and education, represent a pivotal growth area in the next decade,” said Kalavros-Gousiou.

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“We are convinced B2B-focused ventures from this part of Europe are poised to dominate, and Greece offers an untapped reservoir of talent ready to lead these innovations,” Antoniou commented.


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