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Aleksandar Chaminski, Brainster CSO: How to future-proof your career

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Brainster is an EduTech company based in Skopje, North Macedonia, since 2015. The startup wants to inspire the new generation to future-proof their career with in-demand tech skills. Among these skills, there are data science, UX/UI design, graphic design, coding, digital marketing, and software testing. The project’s target for the next few years is to reach over 1M future tech leaders.

“At the end of the day, it is not so important which skill you possess; it is all about the ability and willingness to learn, to remain focused, and adapt,” shared Alex Chaminski, the Chief Strategy Officer at Brainster, with The Recursive team. Alex aims to drive the company’s international business development by identifying opportunities, facilitating initiatives, and developing sales plans based on emerging trends. His passion is providing quality education to everybody that is looking to grow.

In the last five years, Brainster has developed a community of 9000 Alumni, 85% job hires, and opened 3 more campuses in Zagreb, Ljubljana, and Vienna. The project offers live interactive experiences to learn through practice. Students discover in real-time, are exposed to many individual and group challenges, and create a final project that can be pitched to companies on demo day. 

Statistics show that in the future almost 50% of jobs will have an automation responsibility. This translates into employees working with advanced machines that evolve in time with the help of AI. To close the talent gap, it is crucial to train digital skills to the new generation in the next decade as the market will need to adapt. The Brainster team, the career coach, and the hiring partners all work together to help students get ready and even land the job they dream of.

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Irina started her career path in Vienna, working in media and communications. In 2016, she made her first attempt as an entrepreneur when she co-founded WelcomeBuddy - a platform for expats Austria. The venture failed to launch, but the experience gained had a huge effect on her decisions later on. On one side, by observing how migration trends in Europe lead to massive brain drain in Southeast Europe, Irina identified a new mission. On the other hand, Irina also developed a strong passion for disruptive business models and the startup world. Later on, she gained experience in digital marketing and sales working for various tech companies in the B2B segment in DACH. In 2018, Irina decided to move back to Bulgaria - and the media sector, helping establish the first international outlet of Trending Topics in Sofia. Three years later, she and her co-founder, Etien Yovchev, launched the regional media project The Recursive. By combining news media with ecosystem mapping and a content marketing agency, their mission is to help innovative ventures from Emerging Europe scale internationally and get the visibility they deserve. Irina holds a degree in Mass Media & Communication Studies from the University of Vienna. In 2021, she was awarded Female Entrepreneur of the Year by La French Tech community in Bucharest. As a member of the advisory board of Entrepreneurs in Class, Irina is committed to inspiring entrepreneurial mindset in young students.