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After Hours is back in 2023

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From Junior to Senior: What I Need to Get The Promotion?

How tech companies can raise and develop senior talent and prepare their junior employees for leadership roles.
April 6

Retention and The Antidote to The Quiet Quitting Storm

How to benefit from a retention-focused strategy and what are the best practices to engage tech talent in the workplace.
may 11

Corporate Salary & Startup Culture: Can I Have Both?

How fast-growing companies can preserve and maintain a startup culture in order to remain competitive​
June 14

From Pizza to Cardio: Staying Sane In a Dynamic Workplace

What are the wellness, green, ESG, and work-life balance initiatives that companies can offer to retain their employees.
September 14

Hoodie | Dress For Work: Does Gender Matter In Coding?

How can companies develop a more gender-balanced workforce to create and maintain equality and diversity at work.
October 11

After the M&A Party: How to Get Culture Right?

How to manage company culture during a corporate merger/ acquisition and avoid cultural clashes.
December 7

Taming AI For Practical Business Applications

Let’s demystify the complexities surrounding AI and offer actionable insights on its practical usage in business settings.
November 22

What’s The OKR Culture All About?

How to drive innovation and transform culture by empowering employees to innovate with OKRs?
coming soon
After Hours: The IT Community Events for Tech Talent Growth,

The After Hours Mission



At The Recursive, we want to showcase companies that not only add value to their local economies in Southeast Europe but also create a culture in which employees can thrive. This is why we created After Hours, supported by BICA and Anthill.

After Hours is our monthly series of quality hybrid events which aims to explore and debunk everything regarding tech talent, company culture, organizational development, and IT career development in the local innovation ecosystems. In the form of panel-like informal discussions, moderated by one of The Recursive hosts, we invite business leaders, IT professionals, and aspiring talents, but also HR managers from tech companies in the region.

Talent development stays at the core of the future ecosystem success and After Hours is on a mission to put it for discussion from all angles.

Learn from the best

MEET our past speakers

Vassil Popovski

CTO, DesignTechnologies

Maya Zlatanova

CEO, FindMeCure

Andrey Bachvarov,

General Manager, Anthill

Viktor Danchev

CTO, EnduroSat

Nadezhda Danabasheva

Site Lead, PSInteractive

Kiril Kaykov

Co-founder of Bica

Vesko Kolev

CEO, iCanPreneur

Ivaylo Ivanov

Sr. Director Product Management, CleverTap

Mina Kostova

Chief People Officer, Sportal

Ivan Guberkov

VP of Hybrid, OfficeRnD

Teodora Lazarova

Chief People Officer, Anthill

Dimitar Dimitrov

CEO, Digital Lights

Desislava Petrova

Soft Skills Trainer, Telerik Academy

Stoyan Mitov

CEO, Dreamix

Victor Fachev

HR Director, SiteGround

Stanimir Dimitrov

Lead, Fintech Products, Uber

Vladislav Grancharov

Director Software Engineering, Paysafe

Christo Peev

CEO, Motion Software

Galia Jordanova

CEO, Gaida AI

Ruslan Leteyski

CEO, CheckoutX and VangaAI

Yassen Trifonov

Head of Engineering, CleverTap

Karina Khristich

Business Development Manager

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