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30 Tech Lawyers From CEE That Can Solve Your Legal Pains, According to Our Community

30 Tech Lawyers From CEE That Can Solve Your Legal Pains, According to Our Community,
Image credit: KGK Law Firm: Trayan Kosev, Goran Kotsev, Stanislav Georgiev

As a founder committed to your startup, you’re driven by the ambition to create the best product possible. You thrive on collaboration with your team, engaging directly with your customers to gather their insights, and strategizing with your technical colleagues to map out the future. However, the complexity of legal requirements necessary to launch your product, secure funding, or even officially onboard your team members can seem daunting.

Many tech entrepreneurs find themselves in this situation—passionate about product development but overwhelmed by the maze of compliance, regulations, and legalities. Especially in Europe, going by the book on all legislations such as the EU AI Act, Cybersecurity Act, GDPR and others is not an easy task.

The solution? Smart delegation. Collaborating with a qualified lawyer for these legal intricacies not only alleviates stress but ensures your startup navigates these challenges smoothly and efficiently.

To assist you in finding a lawyer who’s worked with startups before, we’ve reached out to our community for recommendations. The result is a curated list of lawyers who specialize in working with startups, offering you a valuable resource to help guide your journey.

Tech Lawyers From CEE

Alexandra Jivan

Country: Romania
Company: Legal For
Expertise: Commercial, Contracts, VC

Alexandru Stanescu

Country: Romania
Company: Lexters
Expertise: VC, US Market Expansion, International Commercial Arbitration

Ana Maria Andronic

Country: Romania
Company: Andronic x Partners
Expertise: Copyright, IP, Trademark

Ana-Maria Draganuta Briard

Country: Romania
Company: Legally Remote
Expertise: Digital Compliance, Commercial Contracts, International Private Law, IP

Andrei Hancu

Country: Romania
Company: SeedBlink
Expertise: Deals Structuring, Fundraising, Equity Management, ESOP

Andrei Pavel

Country: Romania
Company: Ventures’n’Law
Expertise: Licensing, GDPR, IP, E-commerce

Dejan Aleksov

Country: North Macedonia
Company: Law Office Aleksov&Memishi
Expertise: Commercial Law

Diana Badarau

Country: Romania
Company: Ventures’n’Law
Expertise: IP, GDPR, Contracts

Frano Barović

Country: Croatia
Company: Nlaw
Expertise: Commercial Law, M&A

Georgi Kanev

Country: Bulgaria
Company: Kinstellar
Expertise: Compliance, Cybersecurity, M&A, Private Equity

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Ivelin Vasilev

Country: Bulgaria
Company: VC LAW FIRM
Expertise: Compliance

Jaroslav Menčík

Country: Czech Republic
Company: Mavericks Legal
Expertise: IP, IT, Gaming, VC

Jana Sedláková

Country: Czech Republic
Expertise: IP, IT, Labor, Trademark, Copyright

Lukáš Grodl

Country: Czech Republic
Company: Purple Ventures
Expertise: M&A, Deal Structuring, Arbitration

Marek Brada

Country: Czech Republic
Company: Sparring
Expertise: IP, IT, Gaming & Esport, M&A

Marek Hrubeš

Country: Czech Republic
Company: Squire Patton Boggs
Expertise: M&A, VC, Private Equity

Marko Porobija

Country: Croatia
Company: Porobija & Špoljarić LLC
Expertise: Commercial Law, M&A, Investment

Martin Hren

Country: Croatia
Company: Nlaw
Expertise: VC, Private Equity, M&A

Michal Madej

Country: Poland
Company: DraftCode
Expertise: Compliance, Investments

Milo Poplar

Country: Czech Republic/ the US (San Francisco)
Company: Eldison
Expertise: M&A, IP, Contracts, Compliance

Nejc Novak

Country: Slovenia
Company: Nlaw
Expertise: M&A, Banking and Finance

Nicoleta Cherciu

Country: Romania
Company: Cherciu&Co
Expertise: Investment, AI, IP, Dispute

Nina Tsifudina

Country: Bulgaria
Company: Kinstellar
Expertise: M&A, PE

Ondřej Zemek

Country: Czech Republic
Company: Sparring
Expertise: International Law under Slovak, CZ, UK, and US (NY & CA) jurisdictions

Stanislav Georgiev

Country: Bulgaria
Company: KGK Law Firm
Expertise: Compliance, NFT & VR, M&A, Crypto, Comercial

Tijana Zunic Maric

Country: Serbia
Company: ZUNIC Law
Expertise: IT & IP, GDPR, AI

Tomas Ditrych

Country: Czech Republic
Company: Mavericks Legal
Expertise: VC, M&A, IP and IT law

Tomek Snazyk

Country: Poland
Company: SKM
Expertise: VC, E-commerce, M&A, Copyright, SHA

Tudor Stanciu

Country: Romania
Company: Ventures’n’Law
Expertise: IP, GDPR, Contracts

Tytus Cytowski

Country: Poland/the US (San Francisco)
Company: Cytowski & Partners
Expertise: Startups, VC, US Market Expansion

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