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25+ Gaming Influencers From the Balkans You Would Want to Follow

25+ Gaming Influencers From the Balkans You Would Want to Follow,
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Since the pandemic has started,  the global gaming market has kept on growing, recently hitting $222 billion. With Europe being one of the biggest community hubs out there, the Balkans are also growing in the sphere. Opportunities for players are growing as gaming companies are emerging. This gives a chance for more ambitious players to gain experience and join a community. Streaming via Twitch and other similar platforms is not a new trend, but as the gaming industry grows, more and more Balkan streamers are becoming gaming influencers. 

In this article, The Recursive presents you with some of the rising gaming influencers across Greece, Romania, and Bulgaria.


Here is a selection of Greece’s rising gaming influencers – streamers or communities, with an audience of over 6,000 followers on social media and 58,000 followers on streaming services.

sofini1  SOFINI1

She is a Graphic Design student in UNIWA, Athens, who is streaming League of Legends (LoL), CS:GO, Among Us, as well as streaming her art. (28.7K followers on Twitch, 13.7K followers on Instagram)


Supported by, Yannis Koumpes is a video game content creator focusing on war-themed games like PUBG and Call of Duty. He is one of the rising streamers in Greece, attracting more and more audiences. (30K followers on Twitch, 3K followers on Instagram)

mg_mindgames mg_mindgames

He is a multi-content streamer who is occupied mostly with creating music. Giannoulis Markos is also a streamer, covering games like Rocket League, League of Legends and Amazon’s New World. (30.9K followers on Twitch, 71.5K followers on Instagram)

Dom1nant1337 Dom1nant1337

He has a personal blog and a channel on one of Greece’s top streamers of League of Legends, and the current mainstream titles like Fortnite, Valorant, Apex Legends, World of Warcraft and the notorious Among Us. (41.7K followers on Instagram, 6.6K followers on Instagram)


Sophia Rizou is a public figure and a Twitch streamer. Besides singing and doing cross fit, she is also one of the top viewed streamers of League of Legends. (46.7K followers on Twitch, 42.9K followers on Instagram)

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comp_lol COMP_LOL

Markos “Comp” Stamkopoulos is a 20-years old professional League of Legends player. He is an athlete who pays attention  not only to gaming but also to the importance of taking care of yourself, both physically and mentally after gaming. (52.2K followers on Twitch, 7K followers on Instagram

gamersloungegr Gamersloungegr

It is a broadcasting & media production company, titling themselves as “The Greek Gaming, Esports and Entertainment Hub”. The team is hosting streams of League of Legends and Valorant, as well as creating series of their own named “If you know, you know”. (58.6K followers on Twitch, 11.3K followers on Instagram)


He is a 23 year old streamer creating content for League of Legends. He has played the game since 2011 and is playing competitively since 2014. During 2015-2016, he has participated on the Tryouts For Gambit Esports. (122K followers on Twitch and 27K followers on Instagram)



Here is a selection of Romania’s most popular gaming influencers video-game entertainers and streamers:

cooLeXit CooLeXit

Based in Bucharest, Stoiciu Marian streams mainly Counter Strike: GO. He is also the CEO and IGL of Cool Gaming Romania. (3.9K followers on Twitch, 5.1K subscribers on YouTube)

Sorinsky932 Sorinsky932

Sorin is working in the automotive industry but is also a great streamer of GeoGuesser, Bloons TD 6, but also big titles like World of Warcraft and CS:GO. (9K followers on Twitch, 2.8K followers on Instagram)

25+ Gaming Influencers From the Balkans You Would Want to Follow, Doctorul_

Adrian has been passionate about games since he was a kid. He started with Half Life, Diablo 2, Bioshock, The Last of Us, God of War 3, and Uncharted 3. Although not competitive, his streams are attracting some of the Romanian-speaking gaming audiences. (15K followers on Twitch, 1.7K followers on Instagram)


Alex Zlavog is currently in the big 5 of Romania’s streamers although he doesn’t specialize in a few games. Casual chats and compilations are what entertains his audiences. (31K followers on Twitch, 23K followers on Instagram)

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Faiar faiar

Fair Silviu is one of Romania’s top streamers, with more than 82K followers on Instagram, playing multiple variety of games like GeoGuesser, Dead by Deadlight, Among Us, Overwatch, Crab Game, and many more. (89K followers on Twitch, 125K subscribers on YouTube )

CodrinBradeaSatana CodrinBradeaSatana

Partnering with G2A, Codrin offers gaming content on YouTube and Twitch by covering multiple genre of games like Blair Witch, Call of Duty: Ghosts, GTA V, GTA Vice City (RIP Campioana), Mafia I Definitive Edition, and Outlast. (157K followers on Twitch, 1.400K followers on YouTube, 271K followers on Instagram)

CreativeMonkeyz Creative Monkeyz

This is a community of casual gamers with a big audience. Although they are not professionally oriented, they are contesting against professionals as well. Their channel covers games like League of Legends, PUBG and other competitive games of the PvP genre. (278.4K  followers on Twitch, 1.350K subscribers on YouTube)

25+ Gaming Influencers From the Balkans You Would Want to Follow, ZappyTv

Parody video creator on YouTube who uses video games for inspiration. Some of his most viral videos have parodied Minecraft, Counter-Strike and Grand Theft Auto. (653K followers on YouTube, 130K followers on Instagram)

25+ Gaming Influencers From the Balkans You Would Want to Follow, Madalin

From Drobeta Turnu Severin, Madalin is streaming primarily Brawl Stars and other fun games like STUMBLE GUYS, Fall Guys, and Minecraft. (692K followers on YouTube, 154K on Instagram)



Here is a selection of Bulgaria’s popular gaming influencers 

25+ Gaming Influencers From the Balkans You Would Want to Follow, DooMNoThx

Known as NoThx, Konstantin Kunev’s channels in YouTube and Twitch are oriented towards gaming (primarily StarCraft where his popularity started) variety of games like Valorant, World of Warcraft, and Fortnite. (6K followers on Twitch, 44K on Instagram)

25+ Gaming Influencers From the Balkans You Would Want to Follow, T30FER3S

Is a popular Bulgarian streamer who streams Grand Theft Auto:V but also is playing CS:GO. (25K followers on Twitch, 7.6K followers on YouTube)

Petrowch0 Petrowch0

Streaming on Twitch and posting on Twitter and TikTok. His main focus is CS:GO and case openings. (35K followers on Twitch, 5.9K followers on YouTube)

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ZenReMasTa ZenReMasta

Daniel Iliev is a gaming video creator specializing in GTA V but also League of Legends and Sea of Thieves. He shares some of his content on Instagram and can be found in his Discord community. (29.7K followers on Twitch, 6.5K followers on Instagram)

corkscrew2 Corkscrew2

He is a YouTube streamer of Fortnite and CS:GO, as his channel is focused on making funny videos based on reactions of different games. (45.7K followers on Twitch, 128K followers on YouTube)

25+ Gaming Influencers From the Balkans You Would Want to Follow, GplayTV

This is a community of gamers who are posting news about the gaming world on their site, YouTube, Facebook or their podcast as well as streaming various games like League of Legends and PUBG. (49.7K followers on YouTube, 6.7K followers on Instagram)

MeLeBron MeLeBron

Dimitar from Burgas has been a Challenger since season 6 of League of Legends. He has been playing the MOBA from season 3 and is currently one of the top streamers of League of Legends in Bulgaria. (63K followers on Twitch, 8.6K followers on Instagram)

4a1a icon 4A1A

A streamer who mostly plays Fortnite, League of Legends, Valorant, CS:GO but also streams slot games. You can also find him chatting on Twitch. (81K followers on Twitch, 62K followers on YouTube)

25+ Gaming Influencers From the Balkans You Would Want to Follow, Aethelthryth

The streamer is famous for his entertaining content and outrageous commentaries on games like League of Legends and Minecraft. Preslav Ivanov is holding the first place on Twitch for the Bulgarian gaming audiences. (153K followers on Twitch, 77k followers on Instagram)


*This list is non-exhaustive. If you think we have missed someone important, you can drop us a line at [email protected].

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