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25+ CEE Hidden Gem Startups That Are Currently Fundraising

CEE fundraising

As you sip on your morning or afternoon coffee, scrolling through your social media feeds, you can’t help but notice the buzz around the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) tech scene. From innovative startups to established companies, the region is brimming with talent and potential. 

Investors are taking notice too, with many looking to tap into the exciting opportunities that the CEE tech ecosystem has to offer.

In this article, we will introduce you to a handpicked selection of 25+ CEE fundraising startups. But don’t expect the usual suspects – we have dug deep to uncover hidden gems across a range of industries. 



Name: Question Base 

Founders: Yana Vlatchkova, Stefan Vladimirov, Kasper Pihl Tornoe

Vertical: AI, enterprise software 

About: Question Base is an AI-powered Slack integration for team knowledge documentation. The startup uses AI to answer the team’s questions inside Slack for automated knowledge sharing. 
Target:  seed round


Name: Enbank

Founders: Nick Gospodinov, Alex Bonin 

Vertical: Fintech

About: Enbank is developing a plug-and-play platform for account-to-account payments and is building on its already-launched service for low-fee payments for e-commerce platforms. 
Target: pre-seed round


Name: Umni

Founders: Elitza (Elly) Stoilova

Vertical: AI 

About: Umni is a no-code platform that helps businesses stay competitive by saving time and resources, selling more, caring better by being available 24/7, and therefore not missing out on customers, and growing – without employing more people for communication, with the usage of AI chatbot on their website, without technical

Target: €500K


Name: MetaQuants 

Founders: Georgi Angelchev, Martin Palazov, Borislav Lorinkov

Vertical: Web 3.0, NFTs

About: MetaQuants is the NFT Finance Terminal for borrowers, lenders and traders. The flagship products of the startup are an NFT Pricing Algorithm and a Collection Floor Price Oracle.

Target: $550К (a commitment of $300K is already secured)


Name: Gigs Remote

Founders: Plamen Tsekov, Stefan Bumov, Aleksandar Stankov, Metodi Amov

Vertical: HRTech 

About: GigsRemote connects companies with tech freelancers from Eastern Europe with the aim of building a flexible workforce with trusted IT gig talent.  
Target:  pre-seed round


Name: Cyrcl 

Founders: Enriko Marinov

Vertical: Mobility 

About: Cyrcl is a micro-mobility bike-sharing provider based in Sofia. At its launch earlier in 2022, the startup received an investment of €100K from angel investors.

Target: pre-seed / seed 


Name: Puzl CowOrKing

Founders: Thibaut Taittinger

Vertical: Real Estate

About: About: Puzl CowOrKing is building IT hubs for the modern workforce. They convert old factories into sustainable serviced offices and coworking spaces and create a unified community in the CEE region.

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Target: €3M Series A


Name: growyze

Founders: Zahari Ivanov, Kati Hristova, Adi Hristova

Vertical: Hostech 

About: smart workflow automation software for loss-free and sustainable internal operations for hospitality & leisure businesses.  
Target:  seed round


Name: Stailor 

Founders: Georgi Nikolaev, Valentin Valev

Vertical: E-commerce 

About: Stаilor is a platform that provides e-commerce fashion stores with a personalized sizing process and provides them with more data on customer preferences.  
Target: €250К


Name: FoodObox

Founders: Jane Dimitrova, Velin Kerkov

Vertical: FoodTech

About: The company aims to help food business owners reduce food waste by selling surplus through a mobile app. Clients can place orders for surprise boxes and collect them from certain venues. 
Target: €200K (part of the sum is already secured)


Name: SAVI 

Founders: Pavel Panayotov

Vertical: Fintech

About: SAVI is on a mission to protect people’s savings from inflation. Users can auto-save & auto-invest in diversified & protected crowdfunding loans (P2P lending).

Target: Pre-seed


Name: AIoTCloud 

Founders: Denis Florov, Nikola Ruychev

Vertical:  IoT

About:  AIoTCloud is an energy management solution that helps business owners and engineering teams to make informed decisions about energy usage, decrease carbon footprint, extend asset lifecycles, and optimize future investments. 
Target: €500K


Name: Angry Building 

Founders: Ventsislav Dobrev, Yordan Atanassov, Radoslav Stankov

Vertical: PropTech

About:  AngryBuilding is a condominium (residential unit in a complex) management system that offers reports on the current income and expenses of the condominium, automatic calculation software that eliminates errors, a two-way channel for communication between the house manager and the residents, and a mobile application that informs residents about each action/inaction and transaction.  
Target: Pre-seed round of around €600K


Name: Vodoraslo 

Founders: Denis Ivanov, Monika Dimitrova

Vertical: CleanTech

About:  Vodoraslo is a project that offers a solution to the global problem of air pollution – bioreactors with microalgae to reduce CO2 emissions.
Target: Pre-seed


Name: Sheetly

Founders: Jan B. Andersen, Ivelina Nikolova,

Vertical: E-commerce

About:  Sheetly develops smart product spreadsheet solutions for the e-commerce market by organizing the product data that exists in all webshops and all businesses. It helps small and medium-sized online store owners with their back-office needs of cross-channel processing and management of their product information. 

Target: undisclosed 


Name: Team GPT

Founders: Ilko Kacharov, Iliya Valchanov, Yavor Belakov

Vertical: AI

About:  Team-GPT is a SaaS platform for team collaboration with AI chatbots like ChatGPT. The platform offers shared threads, quick searches, and premade templates, enabling teams to work seamlessly together while leveraging the power of AI for improved productivity.
Target: Pre-seed

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Name: It Remains 

Founders: Vasil Tuchkov, Anthony Christov, Christo Peev, Ed Mattinian

Vertical: Web 3.0, NFTs

About: It Remains is a Graphic Novel in the making, written by author Vasil Tuchkov and drawn by digital artist Ed Mattinian. The project is also a blockchain-powered, community-governed franchise, based on the graphic novel “It Remains”.
Target: €1.2M seed round


Name: Legapio 

Founders: Petar Angelov

Vertical: LegalTech

About: Legapio is a platform that empowers lawyers to deliver booking services and conduct online consultations while streamlining their daily operations and optimizing their workflows. 

Target: undisclosed 


Name: Emprue

Founders: Teodora Yordanova

Vertical: FashionTech, E-commerce 

About: Emprue is a Clothing-as-a-service platform for designer handbags.   

Target: Pre-seed €250K


North Macedonia


Name: Konceptiva

Founders: Aleksandar Ackovski, Kalina Trajanoska

Vertical: EdTech 

About:  Konceptiva is an EdTech / HRTech startup helping companies empower their team with better training. The company develops Coach – a gamified training app that helps large companies increase performance by finding and fixing the knowledge gaps of their employees. 
Target: €750K




Name: Digital Bites

Founders: Theodoros Sofianos, Michael Tziortzis, Loukas Kakalisl 

Vertical: FoodTech, VR

About:  Digital Bites is a virtual reality-based consumer insights tool that helps food manufacturing companies validate and get feedback on food concepts or products before they are developed. The startup uses VR technology to create consumer experiments that simulate real-life food experiences.
Target: Pre-seed (around €300K)


Name: Morphoses

Founders: Vasiliki Tzortzopoulou, Alexandros Pithamitsis, Anna Natsvlishvili, Panos Andrikopoulos

Vertical:  EdTech 

About:  An education platform that engages and educates learners aged 6-17 in a fun and efficient manner through weekly 1hr live sessions in collaborative groups led by tutors specialized in soft skills.
Target: undisclosed 




Name: KFactory 

Founders: Vlad Cazan and Adrian Dima 

Vertical:  Industry 4.0, AI, IoT

About: KFactory is working on enhancing operational performance for manufacturing companies. Their solution includes a team of virtual engineers that oversee production, manufacturing, and other processes to monitor carbon footprint and energy efficiency.
Target: Series A


Name: Airvolt

Founders: Anton Radulea, Tudor Borzea

Vertical:  CleanTech, Marketing 

About:  Airvolt is a clean tech network of Digital-Out-Of-Home (DOOH) screens that works together with brands and companies to improve the quality of the air in the cities.
Target: Seed round of €1M


Name: WAM

Founders: Daniel Tamas

Vertical:  Blockchain 

About: WAM is a blockchain gaming platform that allows players to compete for status and digital assets, like the WAM token and NFTs.
Target: $1.5M 

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Name: Quino

Founders: Gergо Sebestyеn, Imets Tamas, Jakub Akos, and Paul J.

Vertical: EdTech, AI

About: Quino is an AI-aided learning platform for higher education students. By processing large amounts of text it can speed up the learning process and it also evaluates one’s knowledge. Quino offers automatic summaries, bullet point notes, semantic search, and question-answering tools to assist with your studies.
Target: Pre-seed round of €500K


Name: Synaptiq

Founders: Mihai Cata, Dragos Duse, Diana Andritchi

Vertical:  HealthTech

About: Synaptiq is developing AI-driven radiotherapy solutions. The contouring software helps doctors identify and delineate cancerous tumors and enables them to communicate efficiently with their colleagues involved in the process of radiation treatment planning.
Target: undisclosed 


Name: Shopoteque

Founders: Raluca Messai, Mihai Kelemen 

Vertical:  E-commerce

About: Shopoteque is an eCommerce SaaS platform, integrated with AI automation for content and video generation. The startup helps entrepreneurs who want to sell online and provides them with all tools needed for marketing, sales, and management in one place.
Target: undisclosed 


Name: Tailent

Founders: Mario Popescu, Cristian Oftez

Vertical: Enterprise Software

About:  The Tailent Automation Platform is an end-to-end solution that helps organizations of all sizes use RPA to scale up automation. 
Target: undisclosed 


Name: FieldOS

Founders: Cristi Dragomir, Ionut Gavrilescu, 

Vertical: Enterprise Software

About: FieldOS is an end-to-end Asset Operations Management solution built to support day-to-day operations and preventive maintenance. The mission of the startup is to empower asset operations management teams to become revenue generators and value creators. 
Target: undisclosed 


Czech Republic


Name: BeiT 

Founders: Miro Hachlinec

Vertical: PropTech

About:  BeiT is a facility management software that helps property and facility managers digitize, automate, and centralize all their core management processes. The startup enables tenants to save up to 30% on their utility bills (electricity, gas, water, heating, A/C) through real-time energy tracking, monitoring, and optimization tools. 
Target: €2-3M


Name: Librity

Founders: Hana Langerová and Matěj Schmalz

Vertical: ConsumerTech, Audio & Video

About:  Liberty is a platform for audiobooks and e-books that offers personalized and gamified solutions to help its users develop healthy reading habits.
Target: pre-seed




Name: Carameet

Founders: Matúš Sukeľ, Lucia Drobná, Daniel Gašparík, Roman Osadský

Vertical: EventTech

About:  Carameet is an app that allows event organizers and sponsors to collect, analyze and act on demographic and behavioral insights about attendees at in-person events.  
Target: pre-seed

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