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Mark Your Calendars: 15+ Must-Attend Women in Tech Events in 2023 and 2024

Women in tech events
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More than just celebrating diversity for diversity’s sake, women in tech events are unique platforms for women to foster a supportive community, by exchanging similar experiences and learning from how other women have surpassed common challenges. 

Working as a minority in a field or industry can present unique challenges. It can feel lonely in lack of relatable role models and mentors and unfair due to systems biases that provide unequal access to career advancement opportunities. Women often also struggle with work-life balance and various forms of hostility and aggressions. 

As the tech industry continues to evolve, opportunities for women to bring their unique voices and strengths to the table must also improve. With events like the Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit and the Women in Tech World series, female professionals in technology areas can expand their visions and unlock their potential by getting inspiration and guidance from their peers.

If you’re wondering what are the next, most anticipated women in tech events you can attend, check out our selection for 2023-2024. 

July 2023

Girls in Tech : Hack for the Environment

Organizer: Girls in Tech

Next edition: Jul 26-Aug 23, 2023, online

Description: A challenge that aims to bring together innovative minds to address the biggest sustainability challenges. The tech solutions presented are expected to tackle one of four main problems: waste, deforestation, endangered species, and climate change. Startups get specialized mentoring and pitch in front of a panel for the chance to win from the $6,000 prize pool. The event is part of the Girls in Tech project, which reunites various programs and a diverse community to help women excel in tech. 


August 2023

Women Impact Boston 2023

Organizer: Women Impact Tech

Next edition: August 21, 2023 in Boston, Massachusetts, US

Description: The conference is an opportunity for women to listen to keynote speeches, workshops, and panel discussion on various tech-related topics, to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and gain new i sights from industry experts. It is also an occasion to connect with women sharing similar experiences and challenges and supporting each other. The event is part of the Women Impact Tech (WIT) project, a women and LGBTQIA+ owned organization that aims to inspire, empower, and advance gender equity.


September 2023

Reframe Women in Tech London 2023

Organizer: Reframe Women in Tech

Next edition: September 2023, London, UK

Description: This non-profit conference wants to make conferences accessible for all and help reposition women in technology. Attendants can expect to attend speeches and panels on topics from surviving failure to money and women in software, as well as collaborative workshops sessions on personal branding, among others. The event was hosted in Manchester for 3 years, before spreading its wings to London this year. 

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Girls in Tech Nashville Conference

Organizer: Girls In Tech

Next edition: September 21, 2023, Nashville, US

Description: This in-person event aims to give women a community and an opportunity to tell their stories and learn how to thrive in tech. The agenda includes keynote speeches from leaders at tech companies such as Verizon and VMware, panels on various topics, and opportunities for networking.


Women in Data Science(WiDS) Worldwide 2023

Organizer: Stanford University

Next edition: September 14, 2023, online

Description: WiDS is a global community, started at Stanford University, with the goal to transform the field of data science by elevating and empowering women. The formalized goal is to reach 30% representation of women across all levels in data science by 2030. The virtual conference will feature academics and scientists from reputable institutions such as World Bank, Stanford University, the International Arts + Mind Lab, and the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal), as well as leaders from companies such as The Boeing Company, Mozilla, and LinkedIn.


Women in Tech Europe Awards 2023

Organizer: Women in Tech

Next edition: September 15, 2023, in Paris, France.

Description: this marks the second edition of the WIT Europe Awards, a competition aimed to bridge the gender gap in the technology industry and celebrate innovative and inspiring women around the world. The winners of the European awards will be shortlisted for the WIT GLobal awards, which in turn will be held in Dubai, UAE, on November 16, 2023. There are 10 award categories ranging from “Aspiring Teen Award” to “Woman in Web3 Award”, “Start-up Award” and “Lifetime Achievement Award”.


October 2023

Tech Up For Women West

Organizer: Tech Up for Women

Next edition: October 4, 2023, in San Diego, California

Description: Through its keynote speeches and panels, the conference tackles a wide range of topics in the tech environment. Previous editions featured topics such as tech innovation in the workplace, social media, fighting fake news, building communities, human in AI, digital inclusion, and creating a data-driven organization. Participants also get to network and attend an expo and recruitment fair.


Leadership Summit: Women in Tech, Cyber & Telco

Organizer: Business in Heels

Next edition: October 20, 2023, online

Description: An online event designed to empower women in tech, cybersecurity, and telecommunications with keynote speeches and panel discussions about customer-centricity, the future of technology, and achieving goals with mentoring and advocacy. It also includes networking and prizes.The event is organized by Australia-based community Business in Heels.



Organizer: Society of Women Engineers

Next edition: October 26-28, 2023, in Los Angeles, California, US, and online

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Description: WE23 aims to be the largest conference worldwide for women in engineering and technology. The three-day event offers interactive workshops and panels on leadership, career development, and engineering, and opportunities for networking. It also features the largest career fair for women and technologists in the world, featuring hundreds of organizations with opportunities for women in STEM.


November 2023

Women Impact New York 2023

Organizer: Women Impact Tech

Next edition: November 3, 2023 in New York City, NY, US

Description: The New York edition of the Women Impact Tech (WIT) event provides a platform for women in technology to attend keynote speeches, workshops, and panel discussions covering a wide range of tech-related subjects. It’s targeting women who want to stay current with the latest trends and gain fresh perspectives from industry experts. Additionally, it serves as an opportunity for women to connect with others who share similar experiences and challenges, fostering support and camaraderie.


Women of Silicon Roundabout

Organizer: Ascend Global Media

Next edition: November 22-23, 2023, in London, UK

Description: The London event, part of the Women in Tech World series, presents an opportunity for women in tech to discover the new frontier in business and technology from globally renowned speakers, attend expert-led workshops, get guidance on the next step on the career ladder, and network with peers. Topics include banking, payments, and investments, digital transformation, cloud services, web 3.0 and AI. The Women in Tech World series also includes events in Silicon Valley, Texas, Amsterdam, and Boston.


February 2024

Women in Technology, Engineering and Consulting 2024

Organizer: Bright Network

Next edition: February 23, 2024, in London, UK, and online

Description: The Women in TEC event aims to connect female undergraduates in STEM with career and learning opportunities across technology, engineering, and consulting industries. It will feature a career fair, keynote speeches, upskilling sessions, and networking opportunities.


March 2024

The Women in Tech SEO Festival

Organizer: Women in Tech SEO

Next edition: March 8, 2024, in London, UK

Description: The conference day will feature 10 talks from 10 renowned speakers. The agenda will be announced in September 2023. The event is part of a series that includes Berlin, Germany, and Philadelphia, US. Women in Tech SEO is a support network for women in the technical SEO field, to meet, share and learn from each other.


The Rising 24

Organizer: Analytics India Magazine

Next edition: March 21-22, in Bangalore, India

Description: The conference, which has reached the 6th edition, aims to support women developers and professionals in the tech field. It is organized around two tracks: thought leadership and tech talks, besides mentoring sessions, awards, and an exhibition. Previous edition speakers included leaders at Ericsson, Humanity Foundation, and Sify Technologies.

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April 2024

Women in Tech Global Conference

Organizer: WomenTech Network

Next edition: April 23-25, 2024, online and physically in Barcelona, Berlin, New York, and Toronto

Description: This hybrid conference aims to bring women in tech from all over the world together through an interactive platform that includes keynotes, engaging panels, technical workshops, breakout rooms, and networking. Topics vary from leadership to navigating the C-suite as a working mother, technology trends, personal branding, well-being and mental health, and work from home.


WiCyS Annual Conference

Organizer: Women in Cybersecurity

Next edition: April 2024, in Nashville, Tennessee, US

Description: The Women in Cybersecurity conference is a three-day event to take place virtually and physically, from Nashville, Tennessee. The event includes a summit and career fair, offering various opportunities for learning, professional development, and networking with leading experts in the cybersecurity field. The 2023 edition featured 189 recruiters, 115 speakers and presenters, 31 faculty grants, and 18 awards.


May 2024

Women of Silicon Valley

Organizer: Ascend Media

Next edition: May 2024, San Francisco, California, US

Description: The San Francisco event is part of the Women in Tech World series, which also includes events elsewhere in Europe and the US. The 2023 edition featured leading voices in technology such as women leaders at FTI Technology, Apple, Oracles, and Salesforce. Attendants can also participate in masterclasses and workshops, and meet industry peers.


June 2024

Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit

Organizer: Perspektywy Education Foundation

Latest edition: June 12-14, 2023, in Warsaw and online

Description:One of the largest events of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe, the Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit brought over 10,000 participants and 500 speakers in the 2023 edition, according to their website. Over the two days, participants are immersed in lectures, upskilling workshops, mentoring sessions, but also a career fair, recruitment meetings, and industry networking. The event also released a Carbon footprint report in 2022 showing how their efforts contributed to making the event climate positive (eliminating more CO2 emissions than they generated, ed.note).


Women in Business & Tech Expo

Organizer: RDS Dublin

Latest edition: June 12-13, 2023, in Dublin, Ireland

Description: The event is a female-led and award-winning event aiming to provide inspiration, guidance, and recruitment opportunities to women at all career stages. Among others, participants can find employers, connect with organizations that champion women, examine franchise opportunities, and learn how upskilling can change their career paths. Alumni speakers include female leaders from Saatchi & Saatchi, Dragon’s Den, and Women on Boards UK. The event is part of a series, together with the London and Manchester editions.


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