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10 Fintech Startups in CEE You Should Follow

10 Fintech Startups in CEE You Should Follow,

When was the last time you went to the bank to make a transaction? Or wrote your company’s budget on paper?

If you can’t remember, you’re likely a savvy fintech user.

Despite not being the hottest trend anymore, with 2023 seeing the lowest investment values since 2017, fintech solutions are here to stay. In the end, most of the world’s unicorns, about 171, are from this sector. 

From online and mobile banking to digital payments, cryptocurrency, blockchain, insurtech, wealthtech, and AI in finance, these innovations are still in high demand. Statista predicts the fintech user base, especially in digital payments, will jump from about 300 million in 2018 to over 547 million in 2024. This growth shows that, even with reduced investments, fintech is still in the game. 

To see what’s new or still standing in CEE, below is a list with 10 startups innovating in the sector. Should your startup be on the next fintech list? Write a message to Elena at [email protected]

Eilla AI

AI Platform to Power the M&A, VC and PE Deal Workflow

Country: UK (Bulgarian founders)
Year: 2022
Founders: Nikola Lazarov, Petar Petrov
Funding: €1.4M
Investors: Fuel Ventures, Eleven Ventures


Peer to peer lending marketplace

Country: Republic of Moldova
Year: 2017
Founder: Tudor Darie
Funding: €1.4M
Investors: Seedrs, InnovX, Adcenter, Angel Investors


Low-code SaaS for financial modeling, planning, and analytics

Country: Croatia
Year: 2016
Founders: Luka Mijatovic, Matija Nakic, Zrinko Dolic
Funding: €1.5M
Investors: Apertu Capital, SQ Capital


Platform for renting electronic devices

Country: Greece
Year: 2020
Founders: Antonis Prentzas, Marios Noutsos
Funding: €2M
Investors: Velocity Partners, Genesis Venture, Praxia Capital, HeBAN


Products and tools for investment, insurance and the broader finance industry

Country: North Macedonia
Year: 2021
Founders: Dime Galapchev, Igor Madzov
Funding: €100K
Investors: Vitosha Venture Partners, Keiretsu Forum, angel investors


Complementary health insurance for employees

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Country: Poland
Year: 2019
Founder: Piotr Karda
Funding: €873k
Investors: 4growth VC, Cobin Angels


Digital financial platform that helps individuals manage their personal finances and save money

Country: Slovakia
Year: 2022
Founders: Erik Čebík, Dušan Michalko, Matúš Polakovič, Michal Josífko
Funding: €2M
Investors: Vision Ventures, Vacuumgroup, WEM Private Fund


Consolidation & FP&A solution

Country: Bulgaria
Year: 2020
Founder: Milen Manev
Funding: €2.7M
Investors: Eleven Ventures, RTP Global, Angel Investors


In-app protection and a user safety suite for the fintech industry

Country: Czech Republic
Year: 2021
Founder: Sergiy Yakymchuk
Funding: €1M
Investors: Depo Ventures, Dig Ventures


Cash flow analysis and forecasting platform for SMEs

Country: Romania
Year: 2016
Founder: Cristi Barladeanu
Funding: €2.9M
Investors: MBH Fintechlab, Seedrs, Collider

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Elena is a Startup Community Editor at The Recursive. In other words, she keeps close to the startup ecosystem in CEE and makes their stories heard. She creates educational and informational content about innovation, funding and startup growth.