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10 Emerging R&D Centers in CEE in 2023

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In recent years, CEE has emerged as a magnet for technology and IT companies, hosting an increasing number of R&D centers.

Most countries in the region have become attractive destinations for global companies seeking to tap into a skilled workforce and cost-effective solutions. The strategic location, cultural diversity, and favorable business climate further enhance the region’s appeal.

With pioneers like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Adobe, and Oracle venturing into the region years ago, others are awakening to the untapped potential.

From the Chinese tech giant Hisense to the American innovator Amagi, multiple Western companies have recently contributed to this trend by establishing new R&D facilities. These centers cover various industries, including information technology, automotive, pharmaceuticals, and engineering, driving collaboration between local talent and international experts.

As a result, CEE has become a vital contributor to global technological progress, fostering a dynamic ecosystem that encourages creativity, research excellence, and knowledge exchange.

Join us in discovering the R&D centers announced in CEE in 2023, and if you know of one that is not on this list, please let us know at [email protected].


Company: Avesta Battery and Energy Engineering (ABEE)
City: Plovdiv
Avesta Battery and Energy Engineering (ABEE), a Belgian engineering company, is investing €1.1 billion in the construction of a battery plant, a recycling unit, and the creation of one of the largest R&D centers in Europe.

Company: Nidec Corporation
City: Sofia
Nidec Corporation, a Japanese electric motor manufacturer, is investing €2.47 million to establish an R&D team focusing on electronic traction inverters, chargers, converters, and motor drive applications.


Company: Amagi
City: Zagreb
Amagi, the New York-based SaaS technology leader for broadcast and connected TV, is opening a new center aimed at enhancing the quality and speed of technical support for European customers and advancing product development efforts.


Company: Continental
City: Budapest and Veszprém
Continental, a global player in the automotive industry, is investing €47.6 million to open three R&D centers in Budapest and Veszprém, Hungary. These centers will focus on developing solutions in the realm of autonomous driving and automotive safety.

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Company: Samsung SDI
City: Göd
Samsung SDI, a South Korean battery and electronic materials manufacturer, has expanded its R&D activities in Hungary with an additional investment of €61.9 million. The center aims to boost battery capacity and safety while improving production efficiency.

Company: Wasion
City: Gödöllő
Wasion, a Chinese-owned global energy solution provider, has invested €10.5 million in Gödöllő, Hungary, to establish a new center. The center will support Wasion’s areas, including energy metering, storage, smart city, and big data services.


Company: Intel
City: Wrocław
Intel, the American semiconductor chip manufacturer, is investing $4.6 billion to create a new semiconductor chip assembly and testing facility in Europe. This project is the largest greenfield investment in Polish history.


Company: SAP
City: Bucharest
SAP, the German multinational software company, has opened a digital innovation hub, SAP Labs Site, designed to contribute to the expansion of the company’s portfolio of products and services.


Company: Hisense
City: Velenje
Chinese electronics company Hisense has invested €2.1 million in an R&D center in Velenje, Slovenia. The center will focus on developing household appliances for the European market and producing kitchen and premium appliances for the global market.


Company: Quantum Systems
City: Kyiv
Quantum Systems, a German manufacturer specializing in the development, design, and production of advanced drones, has opened an R&D center in Kyiv, Ukraine. The center’s initial focus is on producing spare parts for drones, with plans to expand to assembling complete drones within a few years.

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