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10+ Czech Gen Z Founders to Keep an Eye on in 2023

Czech Gen Z


From the iconic Charles Bridge to the impressive Prague Castle, the Czech Republic is a land of legends and innovation that has inspired the likes of Kafka and Dvořák.

But it’s not just about the past. In recent years, the Czech Republic has become a hub for Gen Z-founded startups. From the development of AI algorithms to fintech apps, the ideas of young Czech entrepreneurs are already having an impact on the local economy and beyond.

Today we meet you with 10+ young entrepreneurs from the Czech Republic. Check out which problems young people are passionate about solving. 

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Who are the Czech Gen Z stars?

Name: Tomasz Kantor  

Position: Co-founder of Lemio

Interests: PsyTech, HealthTech, EdTech

About: Tomasz is the co-founder of Lemio, a Czech mobile app that stops your smartphone addiction and instead helps you transition towards useful and healthy habits. He has a couple of startup projects behind his back and is also an angel investor at Creable, a global influencer database.


Name: Jakub Henni

Position: Co-founder and CEO of Nesně

Interests: Climate Tech, Food

About: Jakub is co-founder and CEO of Nesně – an anti-food waste mobile app that develops a marketplace for restaurants and grocery stores to sell their surplus food at a discount.



Name: Adam Sladek

Position: Co-founder at Macromo 

Interests: Health Tech, Digital Marketing

About:  Adam is the co-founder of Macromo, a personalized preventive healthcare platform. He is also the founder of on inhubo, a digital marketing company, that was acquired. 



Name: Anna Veselá

Position: Co-founder of Spectoda

Interests: Entrepreneurship, Light, Products

About: Anna is a business-oriented leader with a passion for light. She is the co-founder of Spectoda, a smart solution for wireless & interactive light control. Her vision is to bring the world a reliable yet simple tool for creating spectacular products and installations with light. For 2 years, Anna helped organize the Soutěž & Podnikej program, which focuses on teaching entrepreneurship to high school students.

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Name: Bolek Kerouš 

Position: Co-Founder and CEO of Animi 

Interests:  Mental health, Longevity, and Optimism Advocacy 

About:  Bolek is currently building Animi, an app addressing an overlooked mental health problem today – alexithymia. Alexithymia significantly reduces the effectiveness of therapy and even antidepressants, leads to worse quality of life and relationships, and a whole lot of other negative consequences. Animi is the first app specifically dedicated to improving alexithymia and emotional awareness and intelligence.



Name: Krystof Hilar 

Position: Co-founder and CTO at ThreatMark 

Interests:  Machine Learning  

About:  Krystof is the co-founder of ThreatMark, a startup that develops solutions in the field of cybersecurity and the prevention of online financial fraud. It detects these with the help of AI, behavioral biometrics, and real-time risk analysis. His company has a 66 million investment from billionaire Karel Komárek, and year-on-year growth of over 2,800%.


Name: Tadeáš Kula

Position: Founder and CEO of Reknihy 

Interests: Startups, Education

About:  Tadeáš is the Reknihy platform, which gives books a second life. The company оnly selects titles in good condition and splits the commission half with the original owners. He tries to keep the books in circulation as long as possible, as well as the packaging in which he sends them. Tadeáš has won the Young Leaders category of the SDGs Awards for socially beneficial projects in 2021.



Name: Jan Sláma

Position: Co-Founder and CEO of FaceUp

Interests: Startups, Whistleblowing, and Entrepreneurship

About:  Jan started his entrepreneurship journey when he was 12 years old. From stocks, through his first mobile apps, non-profit projects, his own e-shop, and custom development for clients. In 2017 he founded FaceUp – a whistleblowing tool that combines business with social impact. In addition, Jan has also been investing in startups and their active development for the past two years. 


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Name: Ondrej Kopecky

Position: Co-founder of and

Interests: HealthTech, Mobile Apps, Growth, Startups

About: Ondrej has been building apps and platforms his whole life. Currently, he is developing – a well-being companion app. His other company Qusion is a product development agency. 



Name: Michaela Simacek

Position: Founder of HealthBase

Interests: Data Science, Health Tech 

About: Michaela is the Founder of HealthBase, a web-based application that allows easy communication and information exchange between patients and doctors. 


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