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10+ Best Innovation Newsletters to Jumpstart Your Entrepreneurship Journey

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Newsletters are the perfect addition to any tech entrepreneur and business leader’s daily dose of caffeine (or whatever voguish ingredient gets your creative juices flowing). Some newsletters offer an overview of the tech and innovation landscape in a given timeframe with well-thought roundups of the most notable news. Others zoom in on key stories and trends and provide insightful commentaries. Some tackle innovation at large, while others specialize in specific verticals or entrepreneurship areas.

As journalists, we have our own list of preferred newsletters to keep us ahead of the innovation market, and we think it’s about time we shared it. Below is a selection of 11 innovation newsletters that can help entrepreneurs, investors, and business leaders keep up with the latest news, trends, and insights in the startup, tech, and venture capital markets. We included only English-language innovation newsletters, and diversified the list with newsletters of different focal points, from startups, to venture capital, and specific tech verticals.


Name: The Daily Crunch by TechCrunch

Publisher: TechCrunch, the US-based media reporting on the business of tech, startups, VC funding, and Silicon Valley.

Time & frequency: Daily

Inside the newsletter: A roundup of TechCrunch’s biggest and most important tech stories. Includes a TechCrunch Top 3 news, and the latest in startups, big tech, and VC.


Name: Last Week in European Tech

Publisher:, the online publication dedicated to the growth of European technology systems with curated news, educational interviews, and market intelligence reports.

Time & frequency: Weekly, on Mondays

Inside the newsletter: Provides a quick overview of tech funding deals tracked during the previous week, the most notable funding rounds and partnerships, the most notable moves from investors and big tech companies, and startups to watch. It also includes a list of recommended reads and listens.


Name: Innovation Times

Publisher: The Recursive

Time & frequency: Weekly, on Fridays

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Inside the newsletter: An overview of the latest in the emerging innovation landscape of Central and Eastern Europe. Includes top stories, the latest The Recursive podcast episode, deals, analyses, mappings of the ecosystem, interviews, and recommended reads.


Name: Startup Life

Publisher: Sifted, the European media reporting on the startup and investment scene.

Time & frequency: Once a week, on Wednesdays

Inside the newsletter: A roundup of guides, tips, and interviews for founders and aspiring entrepreneurs on how to build a startup. The editors dive into the workings of European startups, explore the latest workplace trends and share resources.


Name: Daily Dropout

Publisher: DailyDropout.FYI, an online project featuring startups’ solutions and stories in weekly “drops”.

Time & frequency: Once a week

Inside the newsletter: Offers bite-sized updates about the coolest startups in the US once a week. Each drop-out features one startup, sharing its elevator pitch, key information about its stage, and why the authors like the startup.


Name: TLDR

Publisher: TLDR, a newsletter dedicated to tech and startups.

Time & frequency: Daily

Inside the newsletter: A newsletter with summaries and links to the day’s most interesting stories in startups, technology, and programming. Includes sections such as big tech and startups, science and futuristic technology, programming, design and data science, as well as a tech job section.


Name: Noonification

Publisher: Hackernoon, an online platform with 25K+ contributing writers, covering topics such as software, programming, engineering, AI, blockchain, and futurism.

Time & frequency: Daily, sent at noon (your local time)

Inside the newsletter: An overview of the tech news and stories of the day. Features the top 5 stories of the day in any of the topics covered by the publication.


Name: Cipher

Publisher: Breakthrough Energy, a network of investment vehicles, philanthropic programs, and other activities committed to scaling the decarbonization technologies, founded by Bill Gates

Time & frequency: Weekly, on Wednesdays

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Inside the newsletter: A newsletter and interview series on the latest cleantech innovations aimed at decarbonization and mitigating climate change. Includes a quick analysis of a hot topic that week, as well as recommended lunchtime reads and hot takes from international media.


Name: a16Z Fintech Newsletter

Publisher: Andreessen Horowitz Capital Management, L.L.C. (“a16z”), the Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm backing bold entrepreneurs building the future through technology.

Time & frequency: Monthly

Inside the newsletter: Commentary and analysis on recent news, noteworthy products, trends, and compelling issues in the fintech, insurtech, and proptech space.


Name: Strictly VC

Publisher: Strictly VC, an independent media startup producing a daily newsletter on everything you need to know about the VC scene in Silicon Valley.

Time & frequency: Daily, Monday to Friday

Inside the newsletter: Aimed at venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and corporate professionals, it includes an overview of startup funding rounds,  big news events that are shaping tech, and new trends that could change the venture landscape.


Name: CB Insights

Publisher: CB Insights, a company offering a market intelligence platform, research, and reporting on venture capital, startups, patents, partnerships, and tech news.

Time & frequency: On Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays

Inside the newsletter: It offers an overview on the latest stories and news about disruptive startups, emerging industries, and investors. Includes commentaries and links to proprietary reports.


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